Mapsforge from Version 0.6.0 (released 2016) on is able to produce multilingual maps.

The data is retrieved from the NAME:## -Tag of the objects from the OpenStreetMap database.

OpenAndroMaps multilingual maps contain a subset of languages, defined for each map.

So if the languageset for an OpenAndroMaps map is defined for german[de] + english[en] + russian[ru] the following tags are evaluated and stored in the map:

  • name
  • name:de
  • name:en
  • name:ru

If there is no name:ru defined in the OSM database for a specific objekt (city, place..) the default “name” tag is rendered.
So if you miss a name in a specific language add it to the OSM database and it will appear with the next update in OpenAndroMaps.

The languages each map contains can be seen on the download-button of the appropriate map.
This is a first approch and can/will be improved over time.

Compatible APPs so far with language switcher:

  • Oruxmaps (Android)
  • Atlas/Cruiser (PC/Android)
  • Locus Map (Android)

Installation and handling on Oruxmaps:


Language switcher in Locus Map:

LanguageSwitcher Locus Map