The Tag-Mapping defines which tags are included in the maps and at which zoom-level they should appear on the map.

Well, easy enough BUT:
If you have an Objekt that includes tags appearing at different zoom-levels ALL tags within this objekt (way/node) appear at the zoom-level of the tag set to the lowest zoom-appear.
EG: You have an area tagged as “industrial” (zoom-appear 10) with an additional tag “caravan_site” (zoom-appear 12) the caravan_site will appear at zoom level 10 if its bound to the object (a poly/closed way in this case).
If the caravan_site is tagged as an extra node it will appear as set in the tag-mapping.

The tag-mapping of the OpenAndroMaps is computed on the fly depending on several parameters, here are the settings for urban areas. Most European maps are based on this setting, with other areas the zoom-appear are different.

tagmapping-min, this is the source for theme composers – according to these zoom-appears the theme should be made to fit all kind of maps, even for Iceland or South-America.


tagmapping-urban, this is the tagmapping for most parts of urban europe – just for information
If you adjust the zoom-min’s in your theme according to this tagmapping the maps for remote areas like Iceland, Australian Outback, Alaska aso will show not enough details in at low zoom levels and will be useless.




For maps from 27th of  November 2019:

added way from ZL14: attraction=summer_toboggan


For maps from 1st of  October 2019:

added way+node from ZL15: man_made=petroleum_well, EQ man_made=pumping_rig

For maps from 15th of  August 2019:

added way+node from ZL17: tourism=artwork

For maps from 30th of  July 2019:

Added way from ZL12  : natural=earth_bank
Added way from ZL14 : natural=gully
Added way from ZL14 : barrier=ditch


For maps from 9th of  June 2019:

Added both way and relation for: boundary=aboriginal_lands


For maps from 12th of  Mai 2019:


For maps from 20th of  September 2018:

Bugfix, added


For maps from 15th of  September 2018:

added man_made=watermill, man_made=windpump both node and way from ZL14 on


For maps from 7th of  August 2018:

added amenity=library as “way” too from ZL17 on

For maps from 1st of  August 2018:

aerialway=zip_line as WAY from ZoomLevel 14 on
aearialway=station as WAY + NODE from ZoomLevel 13 on


For maps from 29th of  July 2018:

handle cycle lanes and tracks on oneway=yes
oneway=yes and oneway:bicycle=no will still result in cw_lane_both | cw_track_both
oneway=yes w/o oneway:bicycle=no will result in cw_lane_oneway | cw_track_oneway = NEW TAGS !!

For maps from 17th of  February 2018:

added: building=construction as WAY from ZoomLevel 15 on.


For maps from 26th of  December 2017:

value:permit was transformed from key:foot|bicycle to key:access so far
NEW: value:permit stays with key:foot|bicycle|access and have to be handled in theme seperate.


new tagmapping for key:foot|bicycle|access



For maps from 15th of  December 2017:

Solved problem with missing housenumbers for buildings mapped as multipolygons

added building=yes / addr:housenumber for NODES
to catch addr:housenumber from buildings mapped as relations.

See OAM-Forum for whole prozessing:



For maps from 3rd of  December 2017:


<osm-tag key=’seasonal’ value=’seas_yes’ equivalent-values=’yes,wet_season,dry_season,summer,winter,spring,autumn,fall,spring;summer;fall,summer/autumn,no_snow,wet-season,cannot_determine,spring/summer/autumn,another_pattern,spring;summer,spring;summer;autumn,dry_weather’ renderable=’false’ />

(eg for water streams)


For maps from 19th of  November 2017:

added mines (Tag= “adit”) and military=bunker , both ways and nodes
with special focus at abandoned/disused ones
Please take a look at TagTransform page for rules

<osm-tag key=’military’ value=’bunker’ zoom-appear=’15’ />
<osm-tag key=’military’ value=’bunker_disused’ zoom-appear=’15’ />

<osm-tag key=’man_made’ value=’adit’ zoom-appear=’15’ />
<osm-tag key=’man_made’ value=’adit_disused’ zoom-appear=’15’ />

Plus Bugfix for man_made=windmill and man_made=lighthouse:
Both tags are now included as ways (buildings) too an not only as nodes at it was case until now.


For maps from 15th of  November 2017:


This is a major improvement for OpenAndroMaps

Peaks + Volcanos sortes and assigned to different zoom_level.

Distance Values calculated and (c) by OSM-User MaxBe: [de]

Forum Tread [de]:


What does “distance” mean:

it’s a relative value. So a 500m peak can be pd_1, if all others around him in an area of 100km are just 499m high. But all the others, if there is less distance than 1200m between them, are all pd_5.


The five categories are thought to be (ZoomLevels for MiddleEurope):

  • pd_1/ZL9 – the most famous peaks, often of (inter)national importance
  • pd_2/ZL10 – main peaks of whole mountain ranges
  • pd_3/ZL11 – main peaks of whole massifs
  • pd4/ZL12 – lesser dominant peaks
  • pd5 – everything else

Raw distance values assigned to zoomlevels:

  • pd_1 >=25000 (meter)
  • pd_2 >=9000
  • pd_3 >=5000
  • pd_4 >=1200
  • pd_5 <1199



Distance assigned to tagmapping in urban areas:

Distance assigned to tagmapping in remote areas:



For maps from 14th of  November 2017:


Added direction for saddles, cols, mountain_pass=yes.

Values calculated and (c) by OSM-User MaxBe: [de]

These Values are calculated in intervals of 6° – in OAM these Values are reduced to intervals of 45° so you can turn the symbol for these tags in direction of the saddle = make 4 different Symols covering all directions.

NOTE: The direction is calculated out of the srtm dataset – its not possible to  calculate the direction of the path/road passing the saddle. For roads the direction is usually the same as the calculated one for the saddle. For paths – often following the line peak>saddle>peak this is not the case. So be carefull using this tag.

tag-mapping: in addition to the main tag (mountain_pass=yes, natural=saddle,natural=col) the direction is coded into:

dir_saddle = ds_0
dir_saddle = ds_45
dir_saddle= ds_90
dir_saddle= ds_135

TagMapping with equivalent values:

..where the number portion in the tag-value is the angle in 360°System.

Example for Theme:


For maps from 1st of  October 2017:


place=island, place=islet and place=archipelago: for these areas (Multipolys) the center is calculated an a Node with the name/label ist created and set at the center of the MP. This is a huge improvement for maps with lots of islands. Thanks to @JohnPercy for this idea.


Clear abandoned:landuse=* to landuse=*
Reason: eg. quarrys and cemetrys will exist for many centurys even when disuses/abandoned.

Transform disused:building=* to building=yes cause these buildings still exist

Removed raw_sac_scale
Removed class:bicycle:*=*
Removed noexit
Removed incline_dir
Reason: Only 15 Tags are allowed for one object in Mapsforge – if exeeded the object is skipped and the whole tile where this object resist too = the tile is white!

Added highway=via_ferrata


For maps from 10th of  August 2017:

added leisure=swimming_area EQ bathing_place
added leisure=beach_resort
both from level 14, Node+Way


For maps from 1st of  August 2017:

added cowshed as equivalent value to building=farm_auxiliary

There are important changes in both tagmapping and tagtransform concerning sac_scale (click)


For maps from 25th of  June 2017:

added node: whitewater=put_in        from level 15
added node: whitewater=egress         from level 15
added node: whitewater=put_in;egress        from level 15
added way: whitewater=portage_way      from level 13

added new POI_GROUP: “035 Whitewater / Paddelsport”


For maps from 10th of  June 2017:

added: man_made=cutline
added: man_made=cairn – Equivalent values: natural=cairn, historic=cairn, landmark=cairn


For maps from 1st of  June 2017:

added: food_court as equivalent to amenity=fast_food


For maps from 1st of  May 2017:

surface = paved as seperate tag
removed eq paved from smooth_paved

added amenity=hunting_stand as NODE


For maps from 24th of  March 2017:

osm-tag key=’natural’ value=’nat_stone’ equivalent-values=’rock,stone’ zoom-appear=’14’
as node


For maps from 4th of  March 2017:

osm-tag key=’access’ value=’permit’ renderable=’false’


For maps from 20th of  December 2016:

Changes for cycleway track/lanes
.. cause there are roads with a cycleway=track PLUS cycleway=lane

  • cycleway:right=track transformed to cycleway_track=cw_track_right
  • cycleway:left=track transformed to cycleway_track=cw_track_left
  • cycleway=track now transformed to cycleway_track=cw_track_both
  • cycleway:right=lane transformed to cycleway_lane=cw_lane_right
  • cycleway:left=lane transformed to cycleway_lane=cw_lane_left
  • cycleway=lane now transformed to cycleway_lane=cw_lane_both


For maps from 1st of  December 2016:


  • cycleway:right=track transformed to cycleway=cw_track_right
  • cycleway:left=track transformed to cycleway=cw_track_left

Changed Tag:

  • cycleway=track now transformed to cycleway=cw_track_both

Added: man_made=cross (renderable, level 14)


For maps from 11th of  November 2016:


  • cycleway:right=lane transformed to cycleway=cw_lane_right
  • cycleway:left=lane transformed to cycleway=cw_lane_left

Changed Tag:

  • cycleway=lane now transformed to cycleway=cw_lane_both


For maps from 1st of September 2016:

Added tags for OSMC:SYMBOLS > these Symbols appear as NODES !!!!
The tags are inherited from hiking relations only

Please scroll down for complete tagmapping – there you can see possible key/values

Example of an osmc:symbol: (zoom-appear is 13 for all  tags – this may be changed in future)

Description of the Tags (usage in themes):

  • osmc=osmc_yes : this is the major RULE for catching the osmc:symbols in a theme
  • osmc_nw= wmnw_iwn|wmnw_nwn|wmnw_rwn|wmnw_lwn : this tag inherits the “network” tag of the underlaying route relation and may be used for different zoom mins. Eg. iwn|nwn at level 13, rwn|lwn at level 15
  • osmc_background, osmc_foreground : these tags refer to svg symbols. The resolving  rules from relations are the same (strict) as implemented at Waymarked-Trails, the reference for hiking maps:
  • name : the text that appears on several waymarks (stored at the :text: portion of osmc:symbol)
  • osmc_text_len : lenght oft the :text: portion of osmc:symbol – you will need this for scaling the symbols so that the text fits the symbol (stretch symbol in X-axis) and/or reduce weight and size of text-font (values 1-4 (5 maybe later on))
  • osmc_textcolor : textcolor of :text: portion of osmc:symbol

Important Note: rendering a text above a symbol is tricky with mapsforge and not always reliable, it depends on the skills of the theme-composer to overcome this known issue as far as it’s possible.

Here you can download the files with allowed/supported values for these tags:
UpperCase / LowerCase in OSM-Database is non-critical cause I convert all values (not for :text:) to LowerCase internal. However for the use in themes you have to use LowerCase chars!


Here a Theme (q&d), based on the old andromaps_hike theme, with suppport of streching symbols and different textcolors for Cruiser/Atlas (Its not suitable for Locus yet, for Locus a seperate theme have to be made): Download Theme

Some additional notes:

osmc:symbol = color:background:foreground:foreground2:text:textcolor is not used BUT have to be valid = the values HAVE to match values in osmc_color.txt
osmc:foreground = color:background:foreground:foreground2:text:textcolor is not supported (not even as “::”)

If you, as a mapper, want to have your osmc:symbol rendered in OpenAndroMaps follow the rules linked above at Waymarked Trails.

Why NODES and not line-symbols for waymarks:

  • Attaching these waymarks to the ways as line-symbols results in a heavy overhead couse the nwn and iwn are rendered at zoom-level 7 this means that all osmc:symbols for these ways – although defined to appear at zoom-level 13 – are pushed from base-zoomlevel 3 to the base-zoomlevel 2 internally, resulting in white tiles on mobile device.
  • For line-symbols there is no way to control amount and placement of the symbols. For nodes its possible to define the placement of the symbols (slightly), eg. for way with 100 Nodes you can place 3 or 4 symbols and (maybe) skip ways with only 2-4 nodes completely. This is not implemented yet but the basic design of resolving the symbols is ready for this.
  • Actually the osmc:symbols are placed in between the most inner 2 waypoints of a way

What if more than one route is assigned to a way : The waymark for the route with the highest priority is rendered = iwn, nwn, rwn, lwn



For maps from 1st of September

Added “WAY” support for

  • hairdresser
  • chemist
  • butcher
  • organic
  • laundry
  • books


For maps from 8th of July 2016:

  • added man_made=groyne (Buhnen)
  • added natural=hot_spring (see TagTransform too)
  • seperated shop=supermarket (eq=mall,department_store) to shop=supermarket + shop=mall (eq=department_store)


For maps from 1st of June 2016:

added natural=bay


For maps from 1st of Mai 2015: (forgot to update changelog)

cycleway=trak is now transformed to cycleway=cw_track to work around a bug in Mapsforge


For maps from 12th of April 2016:

  • added tourism=apartment


For maps from 12th of January 2016:

  • added leisure=picnic_table


For maps from 8th of December 2015:

  • added oneway:bicycle=no transformed to oneway:bicycle=ow_bic_no incl. cycleway=opposite, cycleway=opposite_track  cycleway=opposite_lane

This indicates oneways where where bicycles are allowed to travel in the opposite direction


For maps from 1st of November 2015:

  • added  amenity=bar
  • added  shop=travel_agency


For maps from 1st of Oktober 2015:

This is a major release!

Please download the latest Versions of Elevate/Elements Themes

Added bboxweight (area they cover) for polygones:
These polygones appear according to their size, so eg. Lake Victoria, Genfer See, Chiemsee aso appear at very low zoom level providing a much better overview at low zoom- levels. In addition the size labels (Names of the Polys) is driven by the size of the area these polys cover (Elevate/Elements Theme only)

  • natural=mountain_range
  • natural=mountain_area
  • natural=water (excl waterways) zoom-appear ist driven by area of the polys by tagmapping
  • natural=forest
  • natural=wood
  • landuse=forest
  • natural=glacier
  • natural=desert
  • landuse=orchard
  • landuse=basin
  • landuse=reservoir
  • leisure=nature_reserve
  • boundary=national_park
  • boundary=protected_area

retagged as:

Tag for Theme Calculated Tag
bBoxWeight tiny 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
bBoxWeight xsmall 10,11,12,13
bBoxWeight small 14,15,16,17,18,19,20
bBoxWeight mid 21,22,23,24
bBoxWeight large 25,26,27,28
bBoxWeight xlarge 29,30,31,32
bBoxWeight xxlarge 33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40
bBoxWeight xxxlarge 41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,55


For maps from 20th of September 2015:

– added place=state
– addes poly_Labels (Names) for natural=mountain_range and natural=mountain_area (check new rules for tagtransform)


For maps from 30th of July 2015:

– IMPORTANT CHANGE = access=no is now transformed to access=acc_no
The “no” value couses errors when rendering ways with bridges doe to the common value bug

Please download the latest Versions of Elevate/Andromaps Themes


For maps from 13th of July 2015:

– added barrier=kissing_gate  especially for our friends in Great Brittain and Ireland
– added barrier=turnstile


For maps from 4th of May 2015:

– changed tagmapping of bicycle=*


For maps from 13th of March 2015:

– added place=farm as node

– Bugfix for bicycle and foot yes/no:

There are changes in the tagtransform too with the next update.


For maps from 10th of March 2015:

– added additional values to mtb:scale and mtb_scale_uphill (equivalent values)



For maps from 13th of February 2015:

– added

<osm-tag key=’bicycle’ value=’bic_yes’ equivalent-values=’yes,designated,official’ renderable=’false’ />
<osm-tag key=’bicycle’ value=’bic_permissive’ renderable=’false’ />
<osm-tag key=’bicycle’ value=’bic_no’ renderable=’false’ />
<osm-tag key=’foot’ value=’ft_yes’ equivalent-values=’yes,designated,official’ renderable=’false’ />
<osm-tag key=’foot’ value=’ft_permissive’ renderable=’false’ />
<osm-tag key=’foot’ value=’ft_no’ renderable=’false’ />

– removed

‘<osm-tag key=’bicycle’ value=’yes’  renderable=’false’ /> (node)’


For maps from 1st of February 2015:

– added way: power=plant like landuse=* as way
– added node: place=neighbourhood equiv. neighborhood like suburb
– added node: place=quarter like suburb
– added node: capital=2 equiv. yes” and “capital=4” as attribute (renderable=false)

– splitt railway=disused eq abandoned to seperate ways:


For maps from 21st of December 2014:

– added: man_made=dyke (eq dike,levee) from zomm-level 15
– added: man_made=embankment (eq dike,levee) from zomm-level 15
– added: embankment=yes transformed to embankment=emb_yes as attribute (renderable=false)


For maps from 11th of December 2014:

– added: man_made=water_well as node


For maps from 18th of October 2014:


– added: class_bicycle_road
Tagtransformed from class:bicycle(:roadcycling|roadbike|touring|commute)

values tansformed from

  • -3 to cbr-1
  • -2 to cbr-2
  • -1 to cbr-1
  • -0|0|+0 to cbr+0
  • 1|+1 to cbr+1
  • 2|+2 to cbr+2
  • 3|+3 to cbr+3

Priority is class:bicycle, where no class:bicycle is tagged the subtags
class:bicycle(:roadcycling|roadbike|touring|commute) are used to build class_bicycle_road

Ann: I like the idea of the class:bicycle taggroup for road/touring, however only a very few roads are tagged so at now its completely useless for common use.
So the support for this tag is intended for mappers, using the Openandromaps with their own custom themes as a base to further add this tag to OSM database.


For maps from 12th of September 2014:

– noexit=ne_yes for nodes too
– surface=unpaved as seperate attribute
– railway=abandoned eqv disused
– bridge=movable as new attribute


For maps from 30th of August 2014:

– Bugfix: noexit=ne_yes
– changed: NationalCycleNetworks (NCN) now included from Level 7


For maps from 10th of July 2014:

– added: barrier=swing_gate as equivalent to barrier=lift_gate, node only
– added: noexit=ne_yes (Tagtransformed from neoexit=yes)


For maps from 16th of June 2014:

– added: amenity=ferry_terminal zoom_appear=14
Not yet rendered in any theme, comming soon

– added: amenity=charging_station, zoom appear 16 (same as fuel), node only
– added: bicycle=yes (non renderable), node only
– added: climbing=cl_yes (non renderable), way only
– added: sport=climbing (zoom appear like most other sport tags), node + way


For maps from 13th of May 2014:

– added: emergency=defibrillator zoom_appear=14
Not yet rendered in any theme, comming soon

– added final version of surface tags:
Rendered in the Elevate Rendertheme – Family from Tobias

  • asphalt
  • compacted, equivalent_values: (fine_gravel)
  • smooth_paved, equivalent_values: (paved, concrete, concrete:plates, concrete:lanes, paving_stones, paving_stones:30, paving_stones:20, cobblestone: flattened, sett, bricks, cement)
  • rough_paved, equivalent_values: (cobblestone,stone,grass_paver)
  • gravel, equivalent_values: pebblestone
  • raw, equivalent_values: (unpaved,ground,dirt,grass,sand,wood,earth,mud,clay)
  • winter, equivalent_values: (ice,snow)

– added Mapboarder as boarder=administrative
Now its to be seen where the mapdata ends, especially useful for wide countrys in Africa, Canada aso..Unfortunately its not possible to grey out the empty areas, tests showed that this causes ugly artefacts.


For maps from 17th of February 2014:

– added cycleway=lane
– added cycleway=track
– added man_made=survey_point
– added natural=desert plus poly_label

– making of tag-mapping changed for better addaption to special countrys, map-composers please modify the zoom-mins in your themes to tagmapping-min.xml
For special maps the zoom-appear for contourlines changed to major/minor 8/11 from 12/12.


For maps from 5th of February 2014:

– added highway=ford from zoom-level 12
– added ford=yes transformed to ford=fd_yes
– added toll=yes transformed to toll=tl_yes

[osm-tag key=”highway” value=”ford” zoom-appear=”12″ /]
[osm-tag key=”ford” value=”fd_yes” equivalent-values=”stepping_stones” renderable=”false” /]
[osm-tag key=”highway” value=”ford” zoom-appear=”12″ /]
[osm-tag key=”ford” value=”fd_yes” equivalent-values=”stepping_stones” renderable=”false” /]
[osm-tag key=”toll” value=”tl_yes” equivalent-values=”true” renderable=”false” /]


For maps from of 29th of January 2014:

– added inline (transformed to incline_dir, values up/down) for the transform rules look at TagTransform


For maps from 1st of January 2014:

All these changes and additions will appear first in the “Elevate” and “Elegant” Theme of Tobias. (german) (english)
The Andromaps_## Themes need a complete rework – this will take some time, sorry.

– added “trail_visibility”
– added “tourism=wilderness_hut”
– added “reservation=members_only”
– added “barrier=block” both pois and ways
– added winter_room=yes transformed to winter_room=wr_yes to work around CommonValueBug, from level 12, nonrenderable

Changed equivalentes for buildings (Please refer to tag-mapping part 1)
– added key=”building” value=”farm_auxiliary” zoom-appear=”14″ equivalent-values=”barn,greenhouse,shed,stable,garage,garages”
– added key=”building” value=”wall” zoom-appear=”15″
– added key=”building” value=”hospital” zoom-appear=”14″

– added

– added key=”tourism” value=”chalet” zoom-appear=”15″ (poi + way)
– added equivalent values to key=”tourism” value=”hotel” equivalent-values=”guest_house,motel” (poi)
– added key=”tourism” value=”information” zoom-appear=”15″ (way)
– added key=”amenity” value=”place_of_worship” (way)
– added equivalent value key=”place” value=”island” equivalent-values=”islet” (poi)
– bugfix added key=”natural” value=”geyser” zoom-appear=”15″ (poi)
– added key=”area:highway” value=”pedestrian” zoom-appear=”13″ (way)
– bugfix added key=”landuse” value=”farmyard” zoom-appear=”12″ (way)

Non renderable Attributes (changes and additions)

key=”bridge” value=”yes” equivalent-values= “viaduct,aqueduct,suspension,culvert,swing” renderable=”false”
key=”tunnel” value=”yes” equivalent-values= “culvert,building_passage,passage” renderable=”false”
key=”location” value=”underground” renderable=”false”
key=”protect_class” value=”1″ equivalent-values= “2,3,4,5,6,7,97,98,99” renderable=”false”
key=”protect_class” value=”11″ equivalent-values= “12,13,14,15,16,19” renderable=”false”
key=”protect_class” value=”21″ equivalent-values= “22,23,24,25,26,27,29” renderable=”false”


For maps from 8th of December 2013:

Much more shops included in Tag-Set :

[!– shops –]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”hairdresser” zoom-appear=”17″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”chemist” equivalent-values= “herbalist” zoom-appear=”17″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”butcher” equivalent-values= “seafood,deli” zoom-appear=”17″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”organic” equivalent-values= “farm,greengrocer,cheese” zoom-appear=”17″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”laundry” equivalent-values= “dry_cleaning” zoom-appear=”17″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”books” equivalent-values= “newsagent” zoom-appear=”17″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”beverages” equivalent-values=”alcohol” zoom-appear=”17″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”supermarket” equivalent-values=”department_store,mall” zoom-appear=”14″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”convenience” equivalent-values=”general,kiosk” zoom-appear=”15″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”bakery” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”doityourself” equivalent-values=”hardware,houseware” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”sports” equivalent-values=”outdoor,dive,fishing,hunting” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”bicycle” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”car” equivalent-values=”car_repair,car_parts,motorcycle” zoom-appear=”16″ /]

[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”beverages” equivalent-values=”alcohol” zoom-appear=”17″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”supermarket” equivalent-values=”department_store,mall” zoom-appear=”14″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”convenience” equivalent-values=”general,kiosk” zoom-appear=”15″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”bakery” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”doityourself” equivalent-values=”hardware,houseware” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”sports” equivalent-values=”outdoor,dive,fishing,hunting” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”bicycle” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
[osm-tag key=”shop” value=”car” equivalent-values=”car_repair,car_parts,motorcycle” zoom-appear=”16″ /]


For maps from 26th of November 2013:

Bugfix: some highway=trunks/links disappeared cause of a bug in the new algorithm of the motorway_junctions, it’s fixed – sorry..
Changed: via_ferrata=0* no longer forces a T4sac_scale/mtbs=6/via_ferrata_flag=yes

Added Tags:
– leisure=swimming_pool (amenity=swimming_pool is transformed to leisure) zoom-appear=16

Added Piste-Tags if someone wants to compose a winter-sports theme:
– osm-tag key=”piste:grooming” value=”classic” renderable=”false”
– osm-tag key=”piste:grooming” value=”backcountry” renderable=”false”
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”downhill” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”nordic” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”sled” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”skitour” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”hike” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”sleigh” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”ice_skate” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”snow_park” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”piste:type” value=”playground” zoom-appear=”13″
– osm-tag key=”man_made” value=”piste:halfpipe” zoom-appear=”13″
At a first glance Relations are not resoved. However, if someone will compose a real fine winter-sports-theme this could be done…

– osm-tag key=”information” value=”office” now valid for ways too

– Added tags for hiking ways:


For maps from 11th of November 2013: added Tags:

– [osm-tag key=”highway” value=”motorway_junction” zoom-appear=”10″ /]
this tag includes the name and number of motorway exits (Autobahnabfahrt)
Attention: motorway_junctions without a “ref”-tag are not included, they are filtered out couse the rendering of names is unreliable in Mapsforge.
The ref tag is tranformed to “addr:housenumber” couse Mapsforge doesnt carry the ref-tag with nodes – this means you have to render the addr:housenumber tag in the theme if you want to display the ref-tag (max 3 chars/integer only)


For maps from 4th of November: added Tags:

– all Generator:souces from zoom-level 16
– different handling of tourist-informations:
[osm-tag key=”information” value=”office” zoom-appear=”14″ /]
[osm-tag key=”information” value=”board” equivalent-values=”map” zoom-appear=”15″ /]
[osm-tag key=”information” value=”terminal” zoom-appear=”16″ /]
– added landuse=orchard (both node/way(poly_label))
– added summit:cross (gipfelkreuz) from level 12 on as an additional attribute to peaks