This kind of installation is for Users familiar with Windows and the various versions of Android _or_ User without WLAN or sufficiant mobile dataplan.
All other please use the Quickinstallation – as I do !

Install render theme + mapfiles:

If you’v done this right the structure should be like this:

  • mnt/sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/_themes/andromaps_hc/ (containing andromaps_hc.xml)
  • mnt/sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/_themes/andromaps_hc/patterns/
  • mnt/sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/_themes/andromaps_hc/symbols/

Now download the Maps you need, copy it to

– mnt/sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/ (or to a further subdir if you want to organize your maps)

and switch to the andromaps_hc theme in the Locus-menu.

Questions? – Need help? – Suggestions?