May, 2016: New general maps
November, 2016: Added maps with zoomlevel 10

Michael Bechtold did an incredible job producing these maps. For each zoom level he used different an multiple sources ensuring best usability by providing a reasonable filesize. Best is that he aggreed to share these maps for free with our community on OpenAndroMaps.

Pixelmaps are the best choice for general maps because they load much faster at lower zoom levels (up to about 10) compared to vector maps, while vector maps are providing much more detail at high zoom levels for a fraction of the filesize.

The pure sqlite-maps (for Locus and all APPs capable to handle sqlite) are not compressed so you don’t need additional space and time for decompressing while quick-installation on your device.

As usual for OAM, I am providing buttons for fast install to the smartphone for Locus and for Oruxmaps.

Download and manual Installation:

In Locus the maps with transparent highest zoom level can be used as an overlay for vector maps. Then for this transparent zoom level (and higher) the underlying vector map will be displayed automatically.



The maps are compiled from following sources:

  • L1: +
  • L2: +
  • L3: +
  • L4: +
  • L5: +
  • L6: +
  • L7: +
  • L8: vector maps from with adapted Elevate theme
  • L9: vector maps from with adapted Elevate theme
  • L10: vector maps from with adapted Elevate theme

All maps at all levels: (C) OpenStreetMap contributors
Map created with MOBAC by Michael Bechtold

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