Locus and Orux official support pages

For general help for those apps here are the links of the official support pages:

Help desk:


The download-tables are broken, they cover the sidebar elements.

Probably you disabled Javacript – The download tables relly on Javascript for correct behaviour.

Second, some ADD-Blocker treat the tables as adds (THEY ARE NOT!) – please set OpenAndroMaps on the whitelist of these ADD-Blockers.

Please test your setup with these pages:

Here you can see how the tables should work on OpenAndroMaps:


I want to use the OpenAndroMaps on Windows!

Yes, that’s possible:

The labels of Citys and Pois disappear in certain zoom-levels

This is a fundamental problem with Vector maps.
Only one Name/Icon/Label can be displayed at the same time on the same place.
We have taken lot of care and spent many hours to careful balance the appearence of these elements – however we cant overcome this limitation for 100%

The only solution is to zoom in/out.

The zip-file I’ve downloaded is corrupt

A common problem with downloading large zips. (you find thousands of matches when you search this topic with Google)
Some browser/OS/router/antivirus combinations corrupt the binary patterns of zip files.

Possible solution:
Please try firefox with the “down them all” plugin or chrome or a different internet provider (office, friends, etc.).
In addition chose “save file” instead of “open with…” and before you open it give the file several seconds bvore you unzip it.

I see a white screen instead of a map

On initial load of a map some Apps switch to zoomlevel 0-1, this means you see the map in size of a pinhead = a white screen.

Solution: Zoom in 5-6 times till you see the map

The maps render too slow

On the first load of a map or after cleaning the cache the maps have to be completely rerendered on your phone for all zoom-levels, this takes some time.

However, after caching the tiles render as fast as an online map.This is only an issue while testing the maps at home with a lots of scoling and zooming, outdoors this is negligible.

I’ve loaded a new version of the map or rendertheme and the map looks as before

Every APP uses a cache for faster rendering of the maps, this cached tiles reside in the cache and are shown instead of the new map till you clean it.

Solution: Clear the cache of your APP, but be carefull usually there are two caches – only the cache of the offline maps should be cleared and _not_ the cache of the online maps.

How do I clear the offline cache of my APP

This depends on the APP you use

  • In Oruxmaps go to the main sceen, klick on  “Offlinemaps” and  “Reset maps”
  • In Locus go to  “Settings/Preferences”, scoll down to bottom
    klick  “Misc()”
    klick  “Cache of Data/Datacache” (NOT the cache of maps !)

For all other APPs please take a look at the appropriate manual.

I want to make my own MTB-Theme but I cant find the tags in your maps

The tags are included in the maps.
However, I had to work around a bug in Mapsforge that leads to totaly unpredictable results rendering the standard mtb:* tags.
I had to change the naming and values of these tags:

  • mtb:scale is transfered to mtb_scale with values from “mtbs_0” to  “mtbs_6
  • mtb:scale:uphill is transfered to mtb_scale_uphill with values from “mtbu_0” to ” mtbu_5

These tags are included in maps rendered from 4th of December 2012 on:

  • Combined Cycle/Hiking maps
  • Pure cycle maps (NOT in pure hiking maps)

Here you find the Reference/Documentation of OpenAndroMaps if you want to develop your own theme: MapBasics

Which Apps are compatible with the OpenAndroMaps

The major players on the App-market for outdoor navigation are:

  • Oruxmaps
  • Locus

The maps are tested for these APPs where the rendertheme for Oruxmaps should be compatible with all other APPs using the standard Mapsforge library.

A complete list of all APPs using the Mapsforge render library (there are a lot) >

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