The new LOCUS-POIs are now available for the OpenAndroMaps maps.

These Pois go far beyond the usual POIs available under Mapsforge. The integration in Locus is perfect.
You can navigate to these POIs directly, call up stored web pages directly and the OSM mappers find a link directly to the object on and can edit it there.

A clear word: The original locus-pois that come with the LoMaps also include the OFFLINE location search – this feature is not available in the OAM LoPois.

If you want to use the new POIs for Locus you should have a look into the excellent LOCUS manual:

Simply install the maps using the quick installation, as before, and the POI files will automatically be copied to the mobile device.

As a first step, the button for the POIs should be placed in the right-hand control bar:

Then we will try the POIs – you will love these Pois !

If there are problems (screen flickers, etc) you probably have an old, faulty POI file in your phone.
This can be easily solved by clearing the cache: