This kind of installation is for Users familiar with Windows and the various versions of Android _or_ User without WLAN or sufficiant mobile dataplan.
All other please use the Quick-Installation – as I do !

The current version of Oruxmaps includes the long awaited themeswitcher for vectormaps like the openandromaps.

Download the Themes form Tobias (Elevate/Elements)

Unzip the files AND folders and copy these to

../oruxmaps/mapstyles/ele-res/*.png (oder *.svg)

Thats all..

Once the new version of Oruxmaps with the themeswitcher is installed (updated) activate one of the themes for the openandromaps by calling the themeswitcher in Oruxmaps:

(The video-clips shows quick install of the theme and themeswitcher too)

Oruxmaps 6.5 switch and fine-tune rendertheme [EN]

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