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    Hi again,

    I’ve realized that there’s an issue about the way I generate the maps that include the contours and that use the OpenAndroMaps transformations. The Mapsforge map is not displaying correctly the sea borders. Attached you can find a picture of what I mean.

    At first glance, it seems I’m doing it in the same way that I generate the maps from Mapsforge.

    So this is what I do:
    – Merge the contours in one OSM.PBF file
    – Simplify contours OSM.PBF
    – Merge sea + land with the map OSM.PBF
    – Merge everything: contours + sea + land + map OSM.PBF

    This is how it’s done in the Mapsforge creator script, the one I’ve used to check the differences with the OpenAndroMaps:

    As you can see, the sea.osm file is merged with the landX.osm files into a merge.pbf file. This file is the one I’m using to merge it with the simplified contours file, like this:

    ~/workspace/osmosis/bin/osmosis –rbf ~/mapsforge/data/merged-sea-land-my-map.osm.pbf –rbf ~/workspace/osmosis/map_contours_smpld.osm.pbf –merge –wb ~/workspace/osmosis/my_map_with_contours_smpld.osm.pbf omitmetadata=true

    Then I apply the tag-transform file:
    ~/workspace/osmosis/bin/osmosis –rbf ~/workspace/osmosis/my_map_with_contours_smpld.osm.pbf –tag-transform ~/workspace/osmosis/tt_andromaps.xml –wb ~/workspace/osmosis/my_map_with_contours_smpld.trs.osm.pbf omitmetadata=true

    And finally I generate the map like this:
    ~/workspace/osmosis/bin/osmosis –rbf ~/workspace/osmosis/my_map_with_contours_smpld.trs.osm.pbf –mw file=~/workspace/osmosis/ tag-conf-file=tagmapping-urban.xml threads=12 bbox=$BOTTOM,$LEFT,$TOP,$RIGHT map-start-position=$LAT,$LON map-start-zoom=7

    Somehow, I must be messing the order of things because the map I get doesn’t have the sea included in it. The sea that you’re seeing in the screenshot comes from a world map. If I generate the map, using the Mapsforge script and then load the map into my app, it does have the sea borders properly included.

    What am I missing here?

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