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    Hello, I apologize in advance if the following question is strange.
    Is it possible to use contour lines as areas or polygons and give each elevation range a color?
    Something similar to Tanaka Contour or a relief/elevation layer.
    My idea is to isolate the MapsForge OAM contours in a separate XML and use the contours as polygons colored by elevation ranges to get an effect similar to the Tanaka contours.
    3000|3050|3100|3150 blue
    3200|3250|3300|3350 red

    I appreciate any response and sorry again for the strangeness of this query.


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    Contour lines in OAM are in the tag-mapping with the attribute force-polygon-line=”true”
    That means that they can’t be rendered as areas.
    One advantage of fore-polygon-line=”true” is to avoid artifacts as in this thread:
    So I thinks it’s better to keep it that way.

    One possibility for a map as you want to render is to generate a map with just contour lines and without this attribute. Such a map should also be relative small. Here’s a how to:

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    Or you can use a function of your app, e.g. in OruxMaps:
    – Settings -> Maps -> DEM based maps -> [v] Relief map
    This adds “Relief map” in the offline maps, only for those areas for which DEM files are available. You can also tune this in the settings menu above.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

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