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    Avatar photoexplorante

    I’m using recent version of:
    – Oruxmaps
    – Spain-Portugal osm map
    – Elevate theme (downloaded from this web and selected)

    But I don´t see any contour lines.
    I’ve tried many times.
    By the way, I’ve downloaded the DEM files for the area.

    Avatar photoexplorante

    I’ve diwbkiaded tge Pyrenees map and now I have contour lines.
    When I switch back to Spain_Portugal map, I can now see contour lines (with less detail(.

    Avatar photogeoffmozz

    Have you tried the different themes. I think contours are part of the map file. You only need the hgt files for hillshading etc

    Avatar photombe57

    Spain_Portugal has contours in it for sure, starting with ZL 12.
    In style “city” you need to switch them on manually, all others show contours always.

    Avatar photoexplorante

    Problem solved, thanks!

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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