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    I am using the map for Italy which I have downloaded using “the andoroid install on LOCUS-V3” option.
    This set up, specific for LOCUS, is great and works wonderfully but it takes over 2 GB of my phone internal memory and this causes me troubles. I cannnot install LOCUS anywhere else but the onternal memory but is there a way to have the map&co on the SD card instead? And if so, how can i do it?
    thanks a lot 🙂

    Avatar photoJohnPercy

    There is indeed though it does depend on your version of Android. There are different quirks with different manufacturers and different flavours of Android.
    OR a different technique:
    One or other of the techniques will probably work.

    Voluntary and Velocity themes -


    Hi John
    thanks for your reply. I have just tried to move all the content of the vector map in the external SD and chagne the settings, as explained in the instructions in the link. I think i have done all in the correct way even if the Locus settings where a bit different from the one depicted in the instrucions. I managed to have it work, however when I zoom out (10km or more in the scale), it fails in showing the map (when I am offline, of course), whereas it works fine if i pan the map around. Why? Is there any other settings to change?

    Avatar photoJohnPercy

    I can’t think what might be wrong. Could you upload some screenshots maybe?

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    Avatar photoChristianK

    Hi ranran,

    Leave all folders in Locus setup as standard – pointing to internal memory.

    Download the map by browser.
    Unzip the map using zarchiver from PlayStore
    Move the map to a folder on the SD-Card usind a reliable filemanager like Totalcommander.
    open Map-manager in Locus and add this external folder (“+”-Icon in lower right corner)

    This should work.
    Best regards, Christian

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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