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    Can the maps be used with a desktop or have i been wasting my time downloading elevate etc and different maps and wondering why the icons are just blank? Cheers.


    Cruiser displays these maps on both Android and desktop


    Thnx for taking the time and trouble to reply John – I managed to open maps downloaded from openandromaps using cruiser on my PC. But I can’t tell if it worked on my phone as I downloaded cruiser and just open that app (alongside all the others – Trekme, Komoot, Viewranger, etc. etc.)!

    Anyway, let me explain what I am trying to do because with the massive – and bewildering – array of mapping sites and apps available now, all I seem to experience is people reinventing fire and saying ‘our fire is hotter than their fire.’

    I have zero experience with smartfone apps as I was always of the impression that they were unreliable for multi-day hikes. I used to use a Garmin handheld GPS and interact with Basecamp to plan routes. I also uploaded or downloaded routes using Wikiloc.

    People started saying this is ‘old skool’ and that things have ‘moded on’ and people are using mobile apps nowadays and not clunky Garmin GPSs. So I downloaded Kommute, Trekme, Cruiser, Viewranger – you name it, I’ve got it and tbh, I can’t see ahat one dows that the others don’t; .

    I am trying to plan a walking/hiking route totally offroad (by foot, not bikepacking) from Plymouth to the Scottish borders. Planning routes on Graphhopper, for example, even if I select the hiking icon I still sem to get lots of roads (even if they are ‘country lanes’). I am baffled as to how these sites add any value to Basecamp in terms of planning a route? Am I missing sthg?

    In terms of specific questions:
    Is there a way to simply plot a route on any of these apps the paths/;tracks which appear when I zoom in on a specific area?
    Can that route be sent to a mobile phone and/or a Garmin GPS?
    if used on a mobile phone, is there a way to view it without using data (i.e. I guess ‘downloaded’ maps)?.

    Thanks for your time and apologies for the old skool questions,


    You can pre-download online maps in most map apps, which then avoids costly data. The only signal you need is GPS (clear view of the sky helps). Or of course you can use offline maps like these maps here on OAM which take no days when they are being used.
    You can plan and plot a route in various apps and then export a gpx file which can then be imported into your map app on your phone.
    There are many ways of doing this and I just know the ones I use, which are the walklakes website (despite the name, not just for the Lake District) to plot routes over an Ordnance Survey map for import to an app, or Locus Maps to plot a route in a combination of automatic segments using brouter and manual segments where the underlying mapping is incomplete.
    As I said, there are plenty of other ways of doing this, probably loads better than my way.
    Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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