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    Hi, I’m new so I hope I’ve put this in the right place and it makes sense. I have a new Motorola phone G54 with Android 13 and BCN worked well on my older Samsung A20 Android 11. Now when I select the Elevate them I just get a blank map and I’m currently waiting to hear back from Crittermaps. I since found a solution by using the Voluntary V5 theme from here which works well but I would prefer my usual Elevate theme/Style. Does anyone have the same issue or know why Voluntary works but Elevate doesn’t? I’ve tried older versions of Elevate but mostly broken links or I get the same result.

    Many thanks for any interest, Collin

    Avatar photoChristianK

    Seems that BCN uses an outdated Version of the Mapsforge library.
    Locus/Orux/CGeo/aso switched to new Version.

    Please use the legaca version of Elevate:

    Version 5.2 should work fine

    Best regards

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    Avatar photoTobias

    Thanks Christian! Yes, Elevate 5.3 and higher need at least mapsforge 0.19.0. I don’t know which Version Backcountry Navigator uses, and the Demo version is too old – it’s from 06/10/2021, and mapsforge 0.19.0 was released 26/05/23

    Elevate 5.2 needs only mapsforge 0.6.1, which was released in 2016.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

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    Hi Guys,
    When I tried to download Elevate 5.2 from within BCN I get a file not found error (which I had before I wrote on the forum thinking it might be the issue). However a manual download to PC and copy the files across does work properly 😊. It’s disappointing that Crittermaps (BCN) don’t know this – their only solution so far is to reinstall. I’ll write to them on my open support ticket in the hope they might get their act together someday. It looks as though BCN has been abandoned somewhat. Many thanks to you both for your help and knowledge.

    Regards Collin

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