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    Miguel Curto

    Need to some help, and I think this would be the better place to look for it:

    Following some heated debated with a user that decided to delete on OSM most path’s names on a national scale on some dubious grounds that they shouldn’t be named a lot of people are telling me that names should be on routes or something along this lines:

    My question is: how would route names be rendered in mapsforge/Oruxmaps? Would they still be visible per trail basis like they are when you have named paths?
    Maybe only showing up when you have a MTB theme selected?


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    With maps from OpenAndroMaps (this site) and themes such as Elevate/Elements or Voluntary (also available here), route names and path names are shown in appropriate styles and rendered differently.
    It seems to me that the network ought to be mapped with the route name and the path itself ought to have the local name. The example below illustrates this.There is a cycle route named Connect and a walking route named Nene Way running together along a path named Riverside Walk. (OAM maps abbreviate the network name.)
    The first screenshot uses Voluntary theme, the second Elevate. In both cases a cycling style has been selected, with cycle routes showing.


    I think the users discussing your question (only 2 at the beginning) don’t really get what you imply, and they don’t seem to get that a path name can be something not painted on a sign. If it’s true what you’re saying – those paths are made for MTB trails, and the users know these by those names – I see no reason not to use the name tag for them. As those aren’t routes, which are usually a combination of several roads which are also used by different means of transportations. So there is good reason to discuss this a bit longer, just have a look at the Wiki – it never says that the name has to be on the sign – and to revert those changes.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle


    Miguel Curto

    Tks for the replys,

    Although the rendering looks ok, I would still bel reluctant to name these as routes, maybe because my interpretation of “route” (or maybe just that my native language translation implies a very different thing) doesn’t really seem a fit to trails in question.

    Tobias assertion is accurate: around 90% of the trails I’ve marked in OSM are MTB “built”, as in there were no trail there to begin with, although some (not many) could be used by hikers they aren’t “hiker” friendly.

    Anyway,ty for the help but I think that as most my contributions are MTB oriented to me makes a lot more sense to move all the info I’ve gathered to Trailforks, I will no doubt use OpenAndromaps as a base map in Orux but I’m looking for a way to use Trailforks as a top layer.

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