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    Hi All,
    I am not sure if the following question appropriate for this forum.
    I am modifying a legacy rendertheme a bit because I want to display
    car_repair business in my area. Here is the code:

    <rule e=”any” k=”shop” v=”car_repair”>
    <rule e=”any” k=”name” v=”~” >
    <symbol src=”file:../ele_res_LE/s_car_shop.svg” symbol-width=”14dp” zoom-max=”16″ />

    The problem is that this will show every brand cars on the map.
    If I want to show a certain car service center,
    let us say “Tesla”, on the map how can I do that?

    Thank you.


    Adding information to the above question. I’ll give a more
    specific example what I’ve done. Since Tesla is not available
    in my area then I’ve chosen a Japan car company “Honda”
    as an example. The following line is what I have:

    <rule e=”any” k=”name” v=”*Honda*” >

    but not producing any result. However, I know there are
    several Honda service centers in the area.

    Avatar photoJohnPercy

    Unfortunately Mapsforge has very limited support for variables, so you can’t set a rule like that. I think you can’t even set the rule to match just Tesla.

    However once you have the map displayed you can search the poi database. The example below is from Locus but you can get similar results from other apps.
    The search would find any car repair shop with Tesla in the name.

    Voluntary and Velocity themes -

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    Avatar photoJohnPercy

    PS It also depends on how thoroughly the area has been mapped. Trying a search for Honda locally returned very few results.


    Voluntary and Velocity themes -

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    Thank you John. I will use your suggestion.
    Maybe in future releases, Mapsforge will provide more capability
    for accessing variables.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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