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    Hi, I was using OAM maps with Locus for quite a while with latest Elevate theme. I downloaded Turkey map in order to update it. I used the locus link from the download page. It won’t open, Locus says “FileOpenResult [success=false, errorMessage=unsupported file version: 5]”. I double checked I have the latest version of Locus, which is 4.19.0. I also re-installed Elevate theme, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, I cannot choose the render theme before the map is opened. What can I do with this?

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    Just installed Turkey map from website – and its OK
    he map is Version 5 and Locus is able to handle V5 Maps

    Most likely you are loading a different map than you downloaded.
    The name of the map you open in Locus is “Turkey_OAM” not “Turkey” ?
    The map directory points to the right location?


    Hi Christian, this is what I do to reproduce the problem: go to map manager, tap the (+) icon, choose offline import map, choose local, select “Locus Map Directory” which brings me to the “/sdcard/Locus” location, go to “mapsVector/” and choose “Turkey_oam.osm.map”. The file creation date is yesterday, which is when I downloaded it. Its size looks like the one I downloaded. I dowloaded using the link from this website, which triggered a “locus action”. Connection was not very stable, so I had to restart the download a few times, but got there eventually.


    Do you have sizes and/or hashes to compare with what I have?

    $ ls -lah /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey*
    -rw-rw—- 1 root everybody  37M Oct 31 10:54 /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey.zip.tmp
    -rw-rw—- 1 root everybody  92M Oct 31 10:51 /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey_oam.osm.db
    -rw-rw—- 1 root everybody 1.3G Oct 31 10:52 /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey_oam.osm.map
    -rw-rw—- 1 root everybody  86M Nov 28  2021 /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey_oam.osm.poi
    $ md5sum /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey*
    edc26fbce3e45e06f2ebdeac3df081c9  /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey.zip.tmp
    f68d7c9abb200fad679db144fa0a0300  /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey_oam.osm.db
    ff2cef650ca21dd4be20b40892a5e095  /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey_oam.osm.map
    a88d76d05fd08fbe1ad8d2d99d7c3768  /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector/Turkey_oam.osm.poi

    I re-downloaded it when I had a better internet connection and it worked. Not sure what happened.

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