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    In Locus Map, when i go to the maps selector, i see two different icons, both of which i am pretty sure are from Open Andro Maps. See attached screencap. The newer maps seems to be the ones WITHOUT the VECv3 on the icon. The problem is the newer maps dont have contour lines, they just have little continuous diamond shapes.

    Can anyone explain the difference between them and how to get elevation contour lines on the newer maps?


    The colored icons stand for V3 maps from Locus store.
    Utah are V4+ but I do not know where they come from.
    Utah-Colorado is an OAM map. Not sure why there are two of them.
    I would go to the map manager (NOT the quick map switch), select the questionable maps and look at their details. You should typically see the copyright/origin.
    In would also check the map folders on Android level; look at the file dates and make your conclusions.
    Or put the details here for discussion and assessment.


    PS: contours are definitely embedded into ALL OAM maps. They are activated by the themes.
    And make sure you have the latest OAM theme installed and in use (Elevate or Elements). For US outside metro areas you should employ Elements, as it reveals more details earlier (at lower zoom levels).


    Sorry i should have been more clear. The icon with the L on it is from Locus Store but i have no questions about those maps. My questions are regarding the other two similar icons (both of which are from Open Andro Maps). The only difference being the one icon has VECv3 in the icons. I know the the one Without the VECv3 on it are the newer maps but the the older VECv3 maps are easier to use because they have elevation contours on them. The base maps seem to be different too. Is there some way to get elevation contours on the newer maps?


    It seems our messages crossed.
    Can you pls. check the file dates of the OAM maps and the thema file?
    Are you using legacy Locus (3.x) or the new release V4.x?


    Delete all Maps using a filemanager and redownload.


    Also, make sure you are using a current v4+ theme with contours turned on – there is at least one combination in Elevate/Elements that hides contour lines. In the City style, there is a contour check box near the bottom of the list


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