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    Avatar photoJohnPercy

    In the latest map for Great Britain, there is a tile immediately to the south east of Ruthin, Wales, where parts of main roads (trunk and primary) disappear at zooms 10 and 11, whatever theme is used.
    The screenshots attached show the same area, one at zoom 11 magnified x2 and the other at zoom 12.
    I don’t know if this happened on previous versions of the map.

    Voluntary and Velocity themes -

    Avatar photoChristianK

    Hi John,

    Thats what I was afraid of….
    Locus has its own, modified version of Mapsforge, Mapsforge itself has gone from V3 to V4 and proccesds to V5.

    In Oruxmaps with mapsforge V4 the map is OK, in Locus there are Problems – I hope that Menion (the maker of Locus) will resolve those (I’m pretty shure that he will once he got notice of this issue).

    It does not only affect this tile – there are some more in various maps with this problem.

    Best regards, Christian

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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