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    What kind of maps should be downloaded via these action_links?
    V3 or V4/multilingual?

    Good question. Either offer only V4 links (this way V4 maps adaption is encouraged), or offer V3 and V4 links (that way new action link adaption is encouraged). Seems like a strategic choice.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

    Avatar photoTobias

    Added mf-theme link to the Elevate download table.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

    Avatar photoTobias

    Christian and Jarda – any progress here?

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle


    @Tobias Not on my side – waiting what should have been implemented 😉

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    I put the install buttons on bottom of foo-table – could be changed with ease at any time.
    mf-V4-map download incudes [mapname].poi file as usual with ORUX.

    I hope we will have feedback from developers whoever is using these action links cause otherwise its guesswork for users and will cause frustration – thats the reason for delay from my side.
    To say it clear – I dont like this solution as it is and hope that someone will have a good idea how to make the situation more convenient for users.


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    Hopefully a lot of app developer will add the support of neutral tags.I think it would make it easier for users to have only one install link in the end, in an (very) optimistic scenario.
    So I think announcing to deprecate proprietary links after a certain period would help this, and of course contacting the app developers and announcing this on the mapsforge google group.

    I saw that the links are now “mf-v3-map” and “mf-v4-map”, that would make it necessary to add new links for every new generation – as Emux said v5 maps are around the corner. Although there’s the risk that someone downloads the wrong maps with this, I would prefer only using “mf-map”: the simplest solution is always easier adapted, and this prevents fragmentation and necessity of future changes. It’s also possible to download via simple http link v3 or v4 maps, no matter your app supports them.

    And I would change the “Android mf-V3-map/Android mf-V4-map: Install others” titles to
    “Android install on: Default maps app (multilingual map)*”
    “Android install on: Default maps app (single language map)*”
    And a hint/link on the * which apps support which.
    This would be more user friendly, as I don’t think that every users knows the differences between the versions and which version support it.

    What do you think?

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

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