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    See attachment for the illustration of the issue. The places pointed out are the bigger, more important cities or towns in my area, however the Elevate XL rarely displays their names at a practical zoom level. Which names get displayed seems largely arbitrary. In the case of Freistadt the only name visible in the area is usually “Manzenreith” (which seems to be a portion of Freistadt itself), and around Gallneukirchen you see “Gratz” and “Oberwögern”, which are so obscure I don’t even recall ever noticing them, and there’s also “Oberkulm”, which is not even a place but rather a loose grouping of farms and houses reachable exclusively by tiny lanes. In order to see the names of big places you often have to zoom out quite a way (at which point you don’t see the roads you’re interested in any more), or quite a way in (so you see details like “town-so-and-so-town-hall” or “placename school”). As one usually uses bigger places for loose orientation, this can be somewhat annoying and I end up either learning to recognise the places by appearance on the map like in the case of those three, or by zooming around to get a general idea of where I might be.
    Could there be a sort of hierarchy of names displayed, for instance based on how big they are, or perhaps based on the number of important roads they are on, so a bigger crossroad town like Bad Leonfelden gets displayed rather than “Unterlaimbach” or “Oberstiftung”, whatever those are? This would improve the usability of the (by the way incredibly brilliant) elevate XL theme immensely.

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    This is an issue with Locus, not with Elevate. Locus uses its own fork of mapsforge 0.3 which can’t handle priorities. The Locus engine is more optimized for speed and has some old rendering issues which have been fixed in standard mapsforge. So either use a different app or wait until the Locus developer takes care of it. At the moment there are no plans to include standard mapsforge in Locus, but he has added some theme support of mapsforge 0.5 which makes Elevate 3 usable.

    This issue is solved with apps that use standard mapsforge 0.5 and higher (e.g. OruxMaps or Cruiser with the correct theme, e.g. Elevate 3).

    See the attached screenshot of this area (in Atlas in Windows).

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

    Avatar photohorrovac

    Thanks for the info. I installed OruxMaps which does handle this better.

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