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    Using the Alberta map from OAM, artefacts occur within the Ministik bird sanctuary at
    The polygons for the wooded area and the sanctuary itself have the same outer line, but different inners. Some of the sanctuary is marsh, not wood, and some of the wooded area is not sanctuary. However on OAM the inners combine. This does not happen with the Mapsforge map from
    See the discussion on the Locus forum at which is not in fact related to the Voluntary theme — the same effects occur with the OpenAndroMaps map using either the Elevate theme or the standard Osmarender theme but not with the Mapsforge map.


    Hi John,

    The map from Mapsforge Server is from the 26th of April.
    There were major changes in the structure of the polygon in April/May 2015.
    The Map from OAM is from 11th of May.

    eg user
    Ministik: tweaking multipolygon structure.

    The mapping of this polygon (both relation and members) is still work in progress so evey map made of this area is a temporary Snapshot.

    There are two “white” areas in the south were made on 24.4.2015 so I’m not shure that they are included in the Map from Mapsforge Server.
    The second MPolygon with those two inners is tagged wrong, it should be type=boundary, boundary=protected_area, protect_class=1 or 1a,1b,2

    Best regards,

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