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    I see that hiking routes with tag state=proposed are showing in the map. I think that it is probably better to remove them as, if they are at proposal state, they probably wouldn’t be sign posted yet.



    Most of these proposed routes (as far as I know) are in Scandinavia.
    Well, without these Routes there are only a very few ones on the map.

    However, I’m aware of this problem – a possible solution would be to introduce (again, onother) Layer to switch these Routes visible/not-visible.

    We are now showing mtb/cycle/hike routes with highest priority so I would have to add (in worst case) 3 Flags to each way and this will definitly blow up the 15 tags-Limit.

    The decicssion is weather kill these proposed routes in preprozessing or not….


    I know a few in Spain, well I am the one who mapped them ;-)

    The proposal is coming from a local alpine club but now it is in the hands of the municipality to make it happen, and … nothing moves. This is why I want to remove them from the map, they are not sign posted and I not not want that people, looking at the map, think that they would find something there.

    As an example, Waymarked Trails do not show them.


    Maybe @Tobias or @Michael have an idea how to deal with this issue..

    maybe an addidional “network” value like

    ProposedMtbNetwork = pmn
    ProposedWalkingNetwork = pwn
    ProposedCycleNetwork = pcn

    However, a proposed NationalRoute would then have a very low priority….

    OK – ideas are welcome as long as amount of tags per way do not increase.


    The decicssion is weather kill these proposed routes in preprozessing or not….

    I would kill them :-) in the good old OSM tradition “mapping what’s on the ground”… and a proposed route is something different than e.g. highway=construction, which is often already quite visible in reality.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle


    Its not that easy with the proposed routes.

    The EV1 has been finished many years ago, people use it for a long time.
    Nevertheless someone has tagged some sub-relations in Norway as state=proposed
    In fact 1/3rd of the route through Norway isnt shown on Cycle-Maps.

    Same for EV7 in Sweden aso, etc…


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    Ok, the routes tagged as state=proposed are removed from the map.
    However, they still do exist as pmn/pcn/pwn at lowest priority in the map


    hiking:11053756:pwn:PA:Poo - Arenas:no:::::::0
    hiking:11058405:pwn:CA:Carreña - Asiegu:no:::::::0
    hiking:11060880:pwn:PP:Puertas - Pandiellu:no:::::::0
    hiking:11061349:pwn:IP:Inguanzo - Poo:no:::::::0
    hiking:11063879:pwn:OCLM:Ortigueru - Canales - La Molina:no:::::::0
    hiking:11063992:pwn:BI:Berodia - Inguanzo:no:::::::0
    hiking:11064793:pwn:TA:Tielve - Arenas:no:::::::0
    hiking:11068590:pwn:PBST:Poncebos - Bulnes - Sotres - Tielve:no:::::::0
    hiking:11074845:pwn:AC:Arangas - Carreña:no:::::::0
    hiking:11082491:pwn:PCP:Poo - Camarmeña - Poncebos:no:::::::0

    .. are no longer on regular map with Elevate from next update on.

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