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    Avatar photojacopastorius

    Hi all, i am using openandro maps with very satisfaction on android and i would like to use those map on a desktop software as well, to plan my routes and export them as gpx and use them on oruxmaps on android.
    Does such as that software exist?
    Thank you very much

    Avatar photoChristianK

    I’m testing bluestacks4 (Android on Windows) now for several weeks and ist very stable and free.
    Includes PlayStore, Locus and Orux are running flawless- you can exchange data by Dropbox or GDrive.

    Basicly its a Gaming-Platform.
    However it’s a full featured AndroidBox, much easier to handle as eg. VirtualBox

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    Avatar photoViajero Perdido

    Unfortunately, bluestacks is “PC or Mac only”. They meant “Windows or Mac only”. (My PC runs Linux.)

    I haven’t tried it, but I understand Cruiser works with OAM.

    Avatar photoChristianK

    Cruiser is my reference for testing maps, it works perfect.

    Avatar photojacopastorius

    Thank you, i can confirm that Cruiser is absolutely perfect.
    Anyway i am having difficult on identificate some map keys that are not present in the map keys pdf file provided in the dedicated section.

    For example in this image i can’t figure out what green and grey paths with bars means.
    Thank you

    Avatar photoTobias

    For example in this image i can’t figure out what green and grey paths with bars means.

    You can find the bars in the “Cycleways and road surfaces” section – they are shown if the option “extended road surfaces” is active, and mean no surface information available.
    The green color is a route with “emphasized routes” option activated.

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

    Avatar phototxane

    Hello all,

    First of all, thank to OpenAndroMaps for developing and maintaining such a useful map database. I’ve been using these maps for years for my bike travels and now I can’t travel without them.

    As an option for viewing offline maps in windows / linux a super light java option is GPS Prune.

    Recently it’s become possible to make GPSPrune to work along with a local mapsforgesrv server. Thanks to the developers of GPSPrune (@activityworkshop – and mapsforgesrv (@telemaxx – for their efforts.

    As a result, I’ve also managed to get GPS Prune to read local map files in my computer using the latest version of mapsforgesrv as mentioned in the thread (

    Attached and image of my system running GPSPrune (v21.3) and mapsforgesrv (v0.17.6) running a local copy of the “” file and “Andromaps – Cycle-Hike – andromaps_hc.xml” style, both downloaded from

    In case it’s useful for anyone else, I’ve attached a zip file containing both jar files and and the “gpsprune_local_map.cmd” script for running both files simultaneously on Windows 10. Please, see the files in

    GPSPrune is called using the local “.pruneconfig_local_map” file (.\GPSPrune_Local_Map\bin\gpsprune_21.3). This file has already configured the “Mapsforgesrv_Local” “set map background” option.

    mapsforgesrv is called using the local “” file (.\GPSPrune_Local_Map\bin\mapsforgesrv_0.17.6).

    In case you need to change yourmapsforge style, just drop your style files in the “GPSPrune_Local_Map\files\styles\” folder, and config accordingly in the mapsforgesrv “” file (.\GPSPrune_Local_Map\bin\mapsforgesrv_0.17.6).

    In case you want to use your maps, just drop your .map files in the maps folder (GPSPrune_Local_Map\files\maps),

    Thank you again to the developers for your help. A whole new world of possibilities is open now for GPSPrune using local map files, styles, and many more options from mapsforgesrv.


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    Avatar photoChristianK

    Hi Txane,

    Thanks for your posting.
    Sorry for troubles, I have no idea why your post was set to “pending” instead of “published”

    Best regards

    Avatar photofritzle

    Mapsforge-for-QMapShack is another tool to use OAM maps on a Windows or Linux PC. This script based tool internally uses this Mapsforge Tile Server to make local Mapsforge maps and in particular OAM maps available with the full functionality of QMapShack application.

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