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    I wrote the part in the script that resolves the OSMC:SYMBOLS competley new from scratch and now the blach dot ist shown.
    This means “waycolor;;foreground” ist resolved.
    Once @tobias adds the missing symbols the brown_bar will be shown.

    So the OSMC rules are implemented the way Sarah have done with Lonvia.

    The changes will be included in the big update end of dezember.

    Best regards

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    I updated the tagmapping.

    As for color/textcolor I added “gray” this was a bug.
    Full support for osmc:background as in Lonvia is added.

    Foreground: I added all tags with more than 5 ouccurances.

    will inform everyone which Symbols he finally adds to the Theme.

    I created the new possible osmc symbols.
    If a theme creator wants to use them, please.
    You can download it here on Github:

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    From my side the resolving of OSMC:SYMBOLS have been further improved with the oncoming V5 maps.
    Resolving now is exact like in waymarkedtrails.
    … as far as I was able to check …

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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