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    started as a fork of Settler theme, but now changed at numerous places, I will use and improve:

    Tapiola, a theme tested against OAM maps in Locus Map 4. It has some issues with Lomaps, but works. May support at some point (time is the problem).

    My intentions/goals are:

    – Good overview maps, starting from zoom level 8
    – Awesome display of suburbs, very good overview imo
    – No more city names not showing up because prio.
    – Good balance in displaying captions (roads, hiking/cyclung networks)
    – No mo
    – Reasonable display of hiking/cycling networks. Needs rework though (hiking networks)
    – More prio (also by painting them late) to hikers needs, benches, viewpoints etc.

    Etc etc, just have a look. Legend not yet, fancy icon not yet…

    Tapiola MFV4+ theme for OAM Maps:
    Releases - DL latest zip - Latest xml

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