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    Notepad++ different league compared to MS Notepad …


    @mbe57 no success with notepad. Installed compared, see differences, but cannot make up the difference why this xml should not work…. some true/false differences, other lines….
    some pics on different zoom factors how ik looks now….


    Let’s double check:
    – your Karoo can work with OAM 5 and an earlier version of the theme
    – same map with V5 theme fails
    Such has never been reported by other people so far, hence I assume it is specific to Karoo, in some yet unknown way.
    If I were you, I would take a copy of the working theme and introduce the V5 changes, piece by piece, testing with Karoo on the way.
    Any better idea?


    Cannot come up with other option… but do not know which points make the difference. Changing true to false could let it not to work? I miss the knowledge to look to the good things. Attached first page of working xml. Perhaps you see anything right away? Looks like it goes wrong bij initially…


    Oops, wanted to display, but attachment went away.
    Anyway, an image of an XML is harder to deal with than the text form.
    But anyway you need to test with the real device.
    If the device should be resource constraint, then the size of the XML could make the difference between work or fail.
    You are up to a trial and error game.

    Avatar photoTobias

    Elevate 5.0 isn’t that much different to Elevate 4.5.x, the main reason for 5.0 instead of 4.6 was to be in sync with the new V5 maps. Technically the theme works with the same apps, the maps might not.
    Are you using proper Elevate or the fork you linked?

    Developer of Elevate mapstyle

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