Updates suspended


Dear OAM community,


I am forced to suspend further updates of the maps = there will be no more updates for the time being.

Reason: A mapper has begun to “normalise” hierarchies of wheel relations that have been carefully maintained over the years.
This means that the previously common consensus – that the individual cycle relations, such as the Eurovelo routes, consisted of a hierarchy of main (super) relations with individual sub-relations (the countries), each containing all the necessary information – has been destroyed.

Now there are super-relations that are based on other super-relations, relations that cross-reference other relations, etc….
Unfortunately, this cannot be resolved with the hand-programmed tools of the OAM for the time being, as there is no way to resolve the possible cross-nesting of the super/relations 100% conclusively.

For the time being, the Scandinavian maps are affected – but it is foreseeable that this cancer will spread further.

Up to now, I have been able to iron out such improvements to the OSM database relatively quickly and without any major complaints, but now it’s time to take a break.


I am real terrible sorry for the community, my comrades-in-arms @Tobias and @Michael and all those who have contributed to this project in any other way, but at the moment I have reached the point where I simply don’t want to chase after every nonsense like Don Quixote against windmills.

Should something similar to quality control be introduced to OpenStreetMap at some point, I would be happy to become active again.


Have a nice summer
Your Christian

PS: Of course I will remove the donate buttons.

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    • ChristianK
      ChristianK says:

      New Scripts for resolving SuperRoutes are written from scratch, testmaps are approved.
      New Maps for Germany are already on the server.
      Europe will follow till Thursday, rest of the world next 2 weeks.

      Added POIs for EBike -charging-stations

  1. Shamir
    Shamir says:

    A further confirmation that what is free will end sooner or later.
    However free is nice.
    I’ll wait for you soon.

  2. Florian
    Florian says:


    Thanks for all the work and effort! I loved your maps. It is a great project!


  3. giogio
    giogio says:

    This is a really bad news … a real disaster, I understand Christian’s frustration and I hope he rests and that this mess is solved soon if possible.
    OAM maps are REALLY awesome!
    I hope to get some good news asap…

  4. sguazt
    sguazt says:

    Too bad.
    Christian, thank you for your work and time spent on this project. I hope a solution can be find shortly. This project cannot die. Please, let us know if we (the community) can help someway.

  5. Konstantin Stahanov
    Konstantin Stahanov says:

    надеюсь и верю что это временные проблемы и они будут решены!! успехов вам!

  6. Larry
    Larry says:

    Did you contact that person making those changes? He’s likely unaware of the negative impact and just wants to help improve the maps.

  7. Laurent Grenet
    Laurent Grenet says:

    Very very bad news !

    I hope you’ll find a solution, because I cannot imagine how to do without OAM maps … and I’m sure we are thousands to ask ourselves the same question !

    Sure that something similar to quality control HAS TO be introduced to OpenStreetMap. It is an invaluable common value, which must be preserved from any degradation, voluntary or not.

  8. Emux
    Emux says:

    Really sad situation…
    I hope there will be a solution.

    OpenAndroMaps are some of the best Mapsforge maps + themes available!

    Mapsforge developer

  9. @afgb1977
    @afgb1977 says:

    Cheer up, you will find the solution. Just keep in mind that there are many people who depend on your fabulous cartography. A project like OpenAndroMaps cannot stagnate and it is this type of problem that makes projects strengthen.


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