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    What are the rendering rules for boundary=aboriginal_lands when it is mapped as a relation divided into 3 distant polygons?.
    The text corresponding to the name of an indigenous reservation in my country is rendered over an area that is not indigenous, giving the false impression that the area belongs to the reservation.
    This causes confusion as the map shows the name of a place that is not there. The lands under the name are lands belonging to sugarcane producers, ranchers and residential complexes.
    Since it is a relationship with 3 polygons, is the name rendered at a point equidistant between the polygons?
    In the screenshots below, the polygons corresponding to the Indigenous Reservations are shown in blue.


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    For large areas as aboriginal_lands a node/poly_label tag is calculated at the geographic center of the area, so that only one label is rendered and not the name is repeated in every tile of the area. This is a huge advantage in most cases. If as in your case the area has a special shape, or consists of several parts in a relation, the geographic center can be outside of the area, as it can’t be set manually.
    Have a look here for a different case in a half-moon-shaped area:
    There’s nothing you can do with rendering rules – except not rendering the node, but flood the area with captions.

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