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    The poi positions are stored in the poi_index table; the poi_index_node, poi_index_rowid, poi_index_parent tables are just an artifact of the poi_index table using an R*Tree index. See https://www.sqlite.org/draft/rtree.html.

    That means, all the information you need can be obtained by quering the poi_index table. The tables poi_index_node and so on can be safely ignored.



    I made some progress with my pet project – adding geocaches to a Locus POI database.
    The tools used were a Powershell script to generate points and the Spatialite GUI to load them into a Locus POI database.
    I was, at this stage, interested in finding out if I could make Locus show an icon of choice. While I failed with this one, I found that the icon is determined by the value selected from the FoldersSub table regardless of what value I select from the FoldersRoot table. Both of these values are associated with a point via an entry in the Points_Root_Sub table.
    I also found that there must be at least one entry in the Points_Key_Value table for the point to be usable in the Locus dialogs. It does not matter which combination is selected.
    The folowing Powershell script generates the 13 times 77 points representing all combinations of FoldersRoot and FolderSub values. The values I selected for the Points_Key_Value represent a URL. The location is calculated from the root and sub values. Please refer to the attached screenshot for the result.


    In my case, I needed to reformat the output file to remove the BOM. Otherwise, the Spacialite GUI program throws up when it tries to process the file.
    BTW… I could also create an empty DB using the Spacialite GUI program. After some fiddling around with the table contents I was able to display my points in Locus, too. The fiddling involved copying some of the metadata tables over from the Locus POI DB.
    Hope this helps to progress things… with the approaches shown above for extracting points from an OSM POI DB it is a piece of cake to add them to your homemade POI DB… if you find a suitable icon or if you are happy with the default icon (which ma be OK if you only have one category that does not fit into the Locus world).

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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