The maps from this site need a Rendertheme
for nice and correct rendering on screen.
(This have to be done only once for each device)

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    • admin_openandromaps
      admin_openandromaps says:

      Hi Emux,

      Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.
      I added the generic Themes at the end of the “Manual” – page.
      However, these themes are no longer maintained (they are working for 100% with the new maps but don’t support the new features).

      The new Themes for Oruxmaps use the standard command set of Mapsforge so its 100% compatible with every APP.
      BUT, the new themes use a extended Iconset in separate folders /symbols /paterns or /whatever, so IF the programmer of the APP support relative paths it should be possible to run the new themes.
      IF NOT the new themes have to be modified for using the standard Iconset of mapsforge and the paths to the icons have to be modified to point to the internal resources of the APP.

      Beste Regards

  1. emux says:

    Hi Christian,

    Render themes that are included in every map download, are based on mapsforge 0.3.0 (render theme version 1).
    Are they going to advance to mapsforge 0.3.1+ (render theme version=2) ?
    Because they don’t work with the latest mapsforge.

    There are differences between render themes v1 and v2, like:
    – rendertheme version attribute
    – circle radius attribute
    – jar path of patterns/symbols

    I took the liberty and transform them in order to work with the latest mapsforge, here:!searchin/mapsforge-dev/openandromaps/mapsforge-dev/XOOX164VsJo/LZa_qqNCLqQJ


    • admin_openandromaps
      admin_openandromaps says:

      Hi Emux,

      Thanks a lot for your work, it will make my live easier when the first apps will start with 0.3.1

      Best Regards, Christian

  2. juraj.s says:

    meh…. tags were vanished from the post….
    well lets try it this way:

    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”bus_stop” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”cafe” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”drinking_water” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”fast_food” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”parking” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”pharmacy” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”place_of_worship” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”pub” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”restaurant” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”shop” value=”supermarket” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”railway” value=”halt” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”railway” value=”tram_stop” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”tourism” value=”alpine_hut” zoom-appear=”14″
    osm-tag key=”tourism” value=”attraction” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”tourism” value=”hostel” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”tourism” value=”hotel” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”tourism” value=”information” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”tourism” value=”museum” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”tourism” value=”caravan_site” zoom-appear=”14″
    osm-tag key=”tourism” value=”camp_site” zoom-appear=”14″
    osm-tag key=”historic” value=”memorial” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”historic” value=”monument” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”natural” value=”peak” zoom-appear=”13″
    osm-tag key=”natural” value=”spring” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”man_made” value=”lighthouse” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”man_made” value=”surveillance” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”man_made” value=”tower” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”man_made” value=”windmill” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”power” value=”generator” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”power” value=”tower” zoom-appear=”16″
    osm-tag key=”aeroway” value=”aerodrome” zoom-appear=”12″
    osm-tag key=”aeroway” value=”airport” zoom-appear=”12″
    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”path” zoom-appear=”13″
    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”pedestrian” zoom-appear=”13″
    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”secondary” zoom-appear=”11″
    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”secondary_link” zoom-appear=”11″
    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”service” zoom-appear=”13″
    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”services” zoom-appear=”13″
    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”steps” zoom-appear=”15″
    osm-tag key=”highway” value=”tertiary_link” zoom-appear=”12″
    osm-tag key=”natural” value=”wetland” zoom-appear=”10″
    osm-tag key=”waterway” value=”stream” zoom-appear=”12″
    osm-tag key=”waterway” value=”dock” zoom-appear=”8″
    osm-tag key=”amenity” value=”grave_yard” zoom-appear=”13″
    osm-tag key=”boundary” value=”protected_landscape_area” force-polygon-line=”true” zoom-appear=”12″
    osm-tag key=”boundary” value=”protected_area” force-polygon-line=”true” zoom-appear=”12″

    • kech61
      kech61 says:

      Hi Juraj,

      On a first look I would say that 90% of these Tags are already included in the tagset of the openandromaps (and lots more) where the zoom-appear depends on the country its made for. In urban areas the tags appear later (RAM-memory!!) than in countrys like iceland or tibet – there are 7 different tagsets for different kinds of maps.

      However there is an issue that will be improved in the next weeks:
      Pois like (eg) campsites may be tagged as a Node (poi) or as an attribute of an area (way/polygon).
      Most of the tags included in Mapsforge are only of the poi-type, so there is room for improvement – like I did this already for alpine_huts and from next week on for camp/caravan-sites.
      (Why don’t you see alpine_huts in Orux: There is no symbol in Orux for the Alpine_huts so they are rendered as shelters.)

      These poi/way tags have to be treaten different in the theme too, where the way-type is a kind of a problem if you render the name of the tag too in the theme.

      Best regards, Christian

  3. juraj.s says:

    Hello Christian,

    Could you consider making some changes in your tag-mapping.xml ? :)
    Just for fools like I am, using highly customized themes for rendering vector maps. I am sure that this is not affecting your themes in any way, but expands the possibilities for usage with other themes. ;)

    Here I prepared a short list where it differs from(missing in) original file:


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