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    At last, new version is available!
    Changes are numerous:
    – Added wintersports with skiing pistes (downhill and Nordic) and sledding, with difficulty shown, as selectable option in Hiking and Wintersports style.
    – Protected areas now shown as gold (access allowed) or pink (access restricted) tint which is most intense at low zooms and becomes fainter and less distracting as you zoom in.
    – Surface for cyclable ways now shown, when cycle tracks and lanes, or Cycling style is selected
    – Hiking and cycle routes can now be displayed independently of paths and tracks
    – Also added: cutting, hedge, row of trees, water park area (corrected), beach resort, cliff diving, free flying (kite surfing etc), climbing adventure (Go Ape etc), roller skating, skateboard, miniature golf, ice cream vendor, emergency access point, historic stone, memorial stone, boundary stone, natural stone, log barrier, ditch barrier, natural earth bank, block barrier, town hall, art work, water works, sewage works, covered parking, private playgrounds; historic buildings, military buildings distinguished; historic areas shown.
    – Icons changed for kissing gates, stile, pharmacy, doctors, toilets, recycling (colour change), playground, emergency phone
    – Adjusted zoom levels for roads for consistency
    – Updated key

    As before there are two zip files: a Locus version (for both LoMaps and OAMmaps) and a non Locus version.
    For Locus version, download Voluntary, below.
    For Cruiser, Orux Maps, etc., download, below. contains the following flavours:
    – MF5 for Cruiser, Orux donate, Orux beta
    – MF5- for Orux free (no text on curved paths)
    – MF4 for any app that cannot scale dotted and dashed lines. Mapsforge 4 compatibility.

    Direct link to full resolution key and notes:
    Locus version of key and notes –
    Key and notes for other apps –

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    It’s slightly obscure

    Hi John,

    Yes ist is, indeed.
    Please drop me a note in late August – we will find a better solution with a fixed download position and/or an Android scripted install.

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