Elevate/Element is now the default Rendertheme for OAM


As announced earlier the renderthemes made and maintained by Tobias

  • Elevate (for urban areas)
  • Elements (for wider areas)

are now the default ones for the OpenAndroMaps hike and cycle vectormaps and included in the map-downloads.

The andromaps_## renderthemes are no longer maintained.
However, these themes are still provided for download and quick installation:

Andromaps hike and cycle themes
Andromaps MTB-Theme

Best regards

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    • Tobias
      Tobias says:

      Hi, thanks for the bug report – I fixed it. Seems like I forgot the validator last time 🙂
      you can use this thread for bug reports as well, the other one is closed because it’s just an announcement thread so that subscribers only get informed when a new version is online.
      Best regards,


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