All those who have recently downloaded maps here via Locus-Direct-Install please reinstall the following maps:

  • Scandinavia-NorthEast
  • Scandinavia-SouthWest
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • BalticStates
  • Czech-Republic
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia

My special maps for motorbikes have accidentally got linked in the action scripts and they won’t have contour lines or routes…

I’m terribly sorry, age sometimes strikes….


LG, Christian

The Locus version of the POIs is now finally relesased and included in the map downloads

A separate download of the POIs is not necessary

The result exceeds all my expectations – I use this feature on most of my trips. Never before it was so easy to find the nearest drinking water source on long bike-trips (eg)

As always, I strongly recommend – especially for Locus – to download the map via quick installation. The POIs and the latest version of the render theme are installed in one go.
Even I do it this way – it couldn’t be more comfortable and safe.

The naming convention remains as described in the previous post:

  • [name] (= the map file itself, appears in the Locus Map Manager as [name oam])
  • [name]_oam.osm.db (= the POI file for Locus, ORUX users can delete it)
  • [name]_oam.osm.poi (= the POI file for Oruxmaps, Locus users can delete it)

If you participated in the BETA test of the locus-pois, please delete all poi files, empty the cache and then install the new maps+pois. Reason: The BETA-pois were partly buggy and the fragments in the cache disturbs the operation of Locus.

How all this works, incl adding the POI button to the right function-panel + cache_delete you will find

Here on a dedicated page in the manual >>> (click)

LocusMaps LoPois for Search and Navigation howto [en]


The Themeswitcher in the latest version of Oruxmaps has moved to a new location and a new menuitem have been added for fine-tuning of the themes. There are two new how-to videos available on the Quick-Installation Page

Oruxmaps 6.5 switch and fine-tune rendertheme [EN]


Two weeks ago I moved this website from a shared account to a VirtualPrivateServer wit 8GB Ram and 2Vcores.
In addition I moved the critical parts like js, css and pictures to ContentDeliveryNetwork.
This eliminates the need of questionable and sometimes inkompatible tricks like Browser caching, minifying aso..

Advantage: Usualy the pages are now delivered in less than 2sec to all kinds of browsers
Downside: Costs 378.–€/Year

Anyway, I don’t like to stop half the way – so enjoy it.

Best regards, Christian


Nearly 50% of the new rendering engine is now funded by your donations, as Amazon vouchers, donations through Paypal and commodity contributions. This is a great encouragement for me to develop this project further and to provide the community with more and better maps – my best thanks!
About 500 € I spent from my own money and the project taking shape.

Well, I suppose it’s of interested what happened with the money so far:

My intention was to set up this weekend a “light version” of the rendermachine, well …, the CPU cooler is such a monster that it is impossible to retrofit later the additional 16GB of RAM (to the full 32GB).
So it will be right from the start, the “almost-final” Version with full RAmg, the large SSD will be ordered too on Sunday evening (no matter how the donation account looks) and next weekend, 16th-17th March the reworking of the programs / Scripts to the 64bit system will be started.
What is still missing is an external backup drive and an internal for the subtasks – here for now an old Scorpio Blue will do the job for a while.

What will be done the new machine:
– Germany and France is one planned as a complete map, the Germany map most lilely as a combined cycle/hike.
– USA including Alaska / Canada with more provinces / Africa / Asia Updates
– As a vision: Russia, China, etc. ..

Best regards,


This project have now reached a level where it would be possible to render and update even big maps at a automatic, scedulled base. Unfortunatelly my current equipment is not suitable for this – my Thinkpad T410 (the Laptop I earn my living with) is running constantly wit a CPU-temperature of 75-80°C that lead to a destroyed mainboard last year.
The render time on this machine for the “ALPS” is between 4-5 days – thats too much by far for any serious update strategy.
This leads to the fact that a new, powerfull dedicated rendermachine is needed to raise this project to a reliable, professional level the user can count on.
If you want to support openandromaps please take a look at my wishlist. For bigger donations it’s – of couse – possible to set a banner in sidebar of this website. Currently this website is viewed by 8000 unique visitors per month and constantly growing.

I’m aware that this is a big wishlist. However, the other way to collect money would be to fill every corner of this site by adds – a way I dont want an I dont will go….

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all people who have supported openandromaps by their donations. With this money most of the running costs for hardware repair, hosting and the fast DSL-Line were covered so far – THANKS !!

best regards

Progress of fundraising:

  • Heiko donated an Enermax 350 PSU (80Euro)
  • 60€ Gift voucher at Amazon
  • The Keyboard

Donations via Paypal:

  • 38 Euro 17.2.2013
  • 13 Euro 18.2.2013
  • 30 Euro 19.2.2013
  • 60 Euro 20.2.2013
  • 23 Euro 21.2.2013
  • 45 Euro 22.2.2013
  • 38 Euro 23.2.2013
  • 43 Euro 24.2.2013
  • 33 Euro 25.2.2013
  • 15 Euro 26.2.2013
  • 10 Euro 27.2.2013
  • 45 Euro 28.2.2013
  • 53 Euro 1.3.2013
  •  0 Euro 2.3.2013
  • 33 Euro 3.3.2013
  • 10 Euro 5.3.2013
  • 10 Euro 6.3.2013
  • 10 Euro 7.3.2013
  • 43 Euro 8.3.2013
  • 28 Euro 9.3.2013

Already ordered:

  • Operating System
  • Case
  • Mainboard
  • DVD
  • DriveBay
  • Wlan
  • CPU
  • Noctua cooler
  • 32 GB RAM
  • System SSD
  • still missing Samsung 840PRO 512GB