Back to the old Forum-Plugin

The new version of the forum plugin
= BBPress 2.6.5 unfortunately sufferes from some problems.

Posts not created by moderators were set to “Hold” if they contained several links or even (oh well, imagine!!) media. WITHOUT message to the moderators.
Furthermore BBPress is not able to set the date/time stamp of the last post in the forum overview correctly since 5 months.

Thanks to Frank from the Netherlands for his endless patience in detecting errors!

So back to BBPress Version 2.5.14

As far as I can see, everything is working fine – if you have any problems with the downgrade please let me know.
If you can’t do otherwise, please leave a comment here.

By the way, the update of _all_ the maps is in progress with further improved LoPoI’s which are now also directly included in the map_zip.


Best regards

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