Germany and France with complete coverage


Now made possible with the new Rendermachine:
Germany and France with complete coverage and combined Cycle/Hikeroutes

The Mapping of Germany is made in the same way as the Netherlands to ensure sufficiant loading times, the downside is that this adds some MB to the mapsize – not a big issue in times of 64GB SD-Cards
The seperated cycle/Hike maps for Germany will stay in the portfolio – maybe they will be replaced by smaler maps with the coverage of the German states.

The French map is redered with a special mapping that ensures fast loading times. If you like this mapping it is possible to use it for other big maps in the future. The France South/Mid/North maps will be discontinued with the next update.

Update of the complete European mapset:
All maps now contain the tags for additional cycle barriers:

	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="bollard" zoom-appear="16" />
	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="cycle_barrier" zoom-appear="16" />
	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="gate" zoom-appear="16" />
	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="lift_gate" zoom-appear="16" />
	<osm-tag key="barrier" value="chain" zoom-appear="16" />		

Currently these tags are not rendered in the standard Renderthemes. However, MTB-enthusiasts will manage to add these to their custom Themes.
BUT: keep in mind that in the current version of Mapsforge pois are not rendered 100% reliable, so keep two fingers at the brake levers 😉

Best regards, Christian