Locus: too much Elevate Themes in Themeswitcher


Hi, we recently changed the scipted delivery of the Elevate/Elements Theme while installing the maps from this website.

Up to now the Elevate Theme was downloaded, unzipped and installed to [internalMemory]/Locus/mapsVector/_themes/elevate/
From now on the Theme is downloaded and the zip file copied to [internalMemory]/Locus/mapsVector/_themes/ AND it is not unzipped couse Locus can handle the Theme as zip much faster than a bunch of scattered grapfics.

Reason: Android11 is dead slow while reading lots of graphics but can handle them fine if inside a zip-file.
Noone knows why they have changed this, but – yeah….

So: if you already have the Elevate Theme as unzipped version in [internalMemory]/Locus/mapsVector/_themes/elevate/
Install the new, faster, zipped Android 11 Elevate Theme you have:

TWO Elevate and TWO Elements Themes in your Locus Themeswitcher.
Nice, indeed – and I cant solve this by scripting cause I can’t delete files on your divices.

However: Its easy to solve this problem:
Install a FileManager like the Totalcommander , go to [internalMemory]/Locus/mapsVector/_themes/ and completely delete the “Elevate” folder.

Edit: With new Android Versions it’s possible that the theme is in the PrivateAppFolder, or wherever ……


Have a nice summer

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