New support Forum


The support on switches from the WordPress comment system to a customized bbpress forum.
The comment system on the old support pages will be disabled begin of 2015.

I really hope that my efforts to make bbpress compatible with multiple languages will proof stable like it was in the previous testing period.

As usual with all boards a registration is neccessary to prevent the board from spam, as a benefit you will see

  • code formating
  • attachements
  • sorted views
  • new post since last login
  • aso

PLEASE: Do not use disposable EMail-addresses, each registration is checked by Wangguard and its most likely that your registration is rejected without a “real” EMail address.


Once again the SSd on my Rendermachine have to be replaced (100TB written, limit was 75TB for the old 840pro).
The new 850Pro 1TB – approved by Cynthia, the head of of our quality department (as seen on the photo) – will hopefully do the job the whole year 2015 as its specified at 150TB TBW.

Best regards

Christian aus der Wachau