August 2014: New maps, new mapping for all maps completed


Dear OAM community,

The new mapping with contourlines at low zoom levels is now done for all maps whereever it’s possible.
So navigation is now much easier for all wide, open countrys like Scandinavia, Alaska, South America, Ozeania, Asia und Africa.


1.) Skandinavia
While planing my Austria to NorthCape-Tour for 2015 I’v noticed that there is a map missing for Northern Scandinavia.
So there is a new map available covering all countrys in Northern Scandinavia with extreme high detail level.

2.) France
France map has exeeded the 2GB limit. This means it will not work an all Android devices any more.
So the solution is to devide France into two maps:
– France_North
– France_South
with a wide overlapping between the two maps.
The map covering complete France will be skipped with the next pdate. For me it does’nt make sense to provide a map thats not compatible with all versions of Android.




Tobias is constantly improving his “Elevate” theme-family.
It might be a good idea to visit his page on the website and download the latest version of his themes.

The changelog for the maps is to be seen here:
So I wish you a pleasant summer and great tours with the OpenAndroMaps, and – maybe – there are some buck left for support of this project 😉

Best regards