Sorry folks, the is broken, do not download it bevor weekend. I’m in hospital and can’t do anything against this problem bevor weekend. ……..

The map should be OK now

The Andromaps map styles won’t be updated as Christian already mentioned, and I want to add bit to that.

With the Release of OruxMaps 6.5.0 in the Google Playstore the long beta phase is finished and now the most common version supports Elevate 3. ist die lange Betaphase beendet und somit unterstützt auch die gängigste Version Elevate 3. If someone still uses Elevate 2 with the latest version of OruxMaps I can only advise to update.

Together with the adapted version for Locus the two most important apps are now running well with Elevat 3, as many others.

Therefore Elevate 2 will only get the most important updates from now on and at some point won’t be updated at all. The posibilities of Elevate 2 are pretty exhausted anyway. Elevate 2 will be kept available as well as the Andromaps map styles.

The recommended and regularly updated map style is Elevate 3. Accordingly I adjusted the map key and thinned it out a bit.

Usually such a problem is resolved within a reasonable period of time….

We are both out on vacance. A real stunning thing to use our own maps in the Alps :-)


The support of OpenAndroMaps is paused
from 23th till 30th of August 2015


Best regards
Tobias & Christian

It appears that, on very rare occasions, there are issues with the login to the BulletinBoard (Forum, BBpress). The login itself is working – however you cant post cause there is still the status:

You must be logged in to create new topics. (or replys)

If you experience this behaviour please reload the page (“shift”-“reload”), use Chrome or Firefox and check if there are custom settings active in the Cache-configuration of your Browser, overriding the server-headers.

IMO the server itself is sending the right (non cache) header.

Best regards, Christian

This morning, 29th of July 2015, 3:00am,  my hoster was undergoing a sheduled maintenance and after that my whole VPS-Container does’nt performed a restart as usual and stayed offline and nobody cared.

Well, not very amusing.
All I can say is: sorry folks….

Best regards, Christian

For anyone who has the same Problem with EMails not sent:

The EMails are sent to noreply@domain, with BCC to the subscribers.

If you use a SMTP-Plugin for mail delvery and you dont have an EMail-Address configured for “noreply@domain” set up the mail delivery fails.
Solution: Edit BBPress source that the Mails are sent eg to (and set up such an EMail-address) or leave it as it is and set up an EMails account = noreply@domain and clean it up frequently.


Finally its done without any downtime.
However – seriously, I don’t want to do this too often.

There are a lot af advantages for you:

  • short response times thanks to a fast server, 4 CPU-Cores, NGinx proxy
  • nice and better social-share buttons ensuring a zero-fingerprint while surfing
  • a new CDN ensures fast delivery of content all over the world (we’ll see if I can afford it..)
  • a better firewall for my own comfort ;-)

Ok, back to making maps!

Best regards, Christian

The OpenAndroMaps website moves to faster Server with 4 CPUs and a SSD within the next 7 days.
Again it’s a VPS couse its not possible to spend 100€ a month for a dedicated Server.

The move is more complicated than usual cause an IP-Subnet have to be moved too so I cannot test the Server until the switch is made. Lets hope the best – my apologies if there are downtimes…..

In any case the response time will increase bevore and during the switch couse I have to disable all optimizations and caching.


Wish me good luck for the switch….



I am forced to block some IP ranges from Chinese providers.

I really hate to do this – however, its no longer possibble to tolerate these planed attacks with sheduled downloads started across whole IP-ranges flooding the server.

So if you travel to China you should download the maps you need before entering China ’cause it may happen that these maps are not available there from some providers.