The latest update of the wordpress theme I use here on OAM was somewhat buggy.

This means that some pagelinks under the main menu items does’nt show up on smartphones and tablets – eg. the Renderthemes under “MapStyles”. I made a workaround for this problem till the author of the theme provides a fix.
However, you have to empty the page-cache of your browsers to ensure that this fix will work.

So, please empty your browser cache:


The planed “maintenance” of the OpenAndroMaps website ended up in renting a new, performant server with the latest operating system in a fast network …..

Furthermore, several overweight plugins were exchanged against lightweight ones from GitHub and everything was adapted to run under PHP7 – this should be fine for the next months.

The advantage for you: fast response times (around the 400ms load time) after I have spent a full weekend with the memcached server  :-).
The page rendering times on Android is not so nice, unfortunately this is a common problem on these devices.

SPAM: I’v installed a new Spam-Protection. Please dont use disposal EMail addresses, this will not work.

Now we can concentrate on the real thing: Making maps, pois, themes, docs.
Maybe some of you have already seen that multilingual maps now available for download – we will present these maps in brief later on.

See you

Major maintenance works have to be done on

Usually this is no big deal – you are right ;-)

However, OpenAndroMaps is a multilingual website an some plugins (like the Forum!) are not made for multilingual use and even WPML doesn’t support BBPress at all. So these plugins have to be customized again once an update is inevitable.

Another critical factor is the spam and splogger protection of the forum. The plugin I used so far was Wangguard – this service has finally stopped its service without prior notice. So an other spamprotection have to take place and this have to be testet in brief cause this usually will effect user registration of the (customized) BBPress forum plugin.

I will try to make these maintenance as painless as ever possible for you and will perform all tasks on a test environment first.

However, maybe there will be a few issues left.
I would kindly ask you that, if you come across any issue, report it here as comment or in the forum – thanks

Maintenance works will start on 1st of Mai 2017

Actually there is a problem with the versioning of the maps on the Downloadservers.
The older Maps are mirrored to the live-server instead of mirroring the maps from the live server to the backup server.

In Short: Don’t download Maps if you already have a version later than July on your mobile.

This problem should be resolved till mid of next week – unfortunately I cant resolve this by myself, the server admin of the downloadserver have to do this.



The Smartscreen filter of MS Internetexplorer/Edge reports OpenAndroMaps website as “unsafe”.
If you have doubts about the integrity of OpenAndroMaps please perform a check on a meta-virusengine like Virustotal or a similar service. These services checks a website against the databases of numerous virustools of high reputation like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avast, etc..

In case of OpenAndroMaps the result ist : Clean Site

If you have already installed a solid virustool on your machine or mobile device there is no need for MS Smartfilter cause most of these tools are scanning the traffic of many webbrowsers (not only MSIE/Edge) and check downloaded fieles too.

There is a document on the MS support site that teaches how to report a false positive to Microsoft or how to disable the Smartscreen filter (in case that you already installed a virustool):

Best regards

Currently its not possible to registrate as a new user on OpenAndroMaps forums.

The WangGuard antisplogger service has been terminated (6 donation in 6 Years) and without this service a BBPress forum will be flooded by spam till it breaks.

I’m currently looking for a reliable replacement or a reliable way to handle new registrations.


Yesterday evening a lightning hit close to our house and there was a nice fire out of the router.
A replacement router is ordered and will – hopefully – arrive end of this week.

If setup works straight and no further equipment is destroyed (NAS, aso..) the update of the European/Germany maps will be available mid of June.


Sorry folks, the is broken, do not download it bevor weekend. I’m in hospital and can’t do anything against this problem bevor weekend. ……..

The map should be OK now

The Andromaps map styles won’t be updated as Christian already mentioned, and I want to add bit to that.

With the Release of OruxMaps 6.5.0 in the Google Playstore the long beta phase is finished and now the most common version supports Elevate 3. ist die lange Betaphase beendet und somit unterstützt auch die gängigste Version Elevate 3. If someone still uses Elevate 2 with the latest version of OruxMaps I can only advise to update.

Together with the adapted version for Locus the two most important apps are now running well with Elevat 3, as many others.

Therefore Elevate 2 will only get the most important updates from now on and at some point won’t be updated at all. The posibilities of Elevate 2 are pretty exhausted anyway. Elevate 2 will be kept available as well as the Andromaps map styles.

The recommended and regularly updated map style is Elevate 3. Accordingly I adjusted the map key and thinned it out a bit.

Usually such a problem is resolved within a reasonable period of time….