New maps:

  • Guam (Oceania)
  • Samoa (Oceania)
  • Bulgaria in Cyrilic
  • Israel, Syria, Jordan in Hebrew + Arabian

I’m aware that some Islands in the Pacific are missing.
If someone needs these maps just drop me line.

Modified maps:

  • Saarland (Germany) now include Lothringen and Luxemburg
  • Geece: Coverage now include the coast of Turkey – so you need only this map for the whole Aegean see

New features:

  • fords
  • toll roads
  • Incline

New maillist:
Announcing new Mailinglist dedicated for Outdoor Openstreetmap-mappers from Richard:

Update shedule:
European maps are rendered every 4 weeks, all other regions 5-6 times a year

Done without any problems, Server is now capable to withstand minor flooding attacks we exerienced in the past weeks.

Nice walks an cycling with OpenAndraMaps

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