New ORUX POIs for Christmas

A new map set will be available at the turn of the year with the following changes:


The data structure for the Mapsforge POIs, as used by ORUX-Maps, has been made more efficient and this new programme library has been implemented in the new versions of ORUX.

This means that we at OpenAndroMaps can also create and deliver the new POIs – i.e. the new version will be included in the Map-zips and delivered during automatic installation from Christmas on.

The requirement is that updates from Orux are installed – this applies to both the free version and the GooglePlay version.


For users of older versions of ORUX who for some reason cannot be updated (old smartphone, etc.) we will continue to keep the old version of the ORUX pois available for download here
Please do not link permanently yet, the names of the zip files will still change.

You can download the new POIS for testing here:



So: Please update your ORUX installations to take advantage of the new POI files.


Best regards
Christian and the OAM team