ORUXMAPS: Missing path-text for contourlines

Why does this happen:

The current Elevate version 4.4.0 is optimized for Mapsforge 0.12 and higher, which now supports curved path texts. E.g. contourline captions, street names and route refs use this. But this kind of rendering doesn’t work so well in older Mapsforge versions, e.g. all current non-beta releases of OruxMaps. OruxMaps Beta uses Mapsforge 0.12 since 6 months, but it’s a really long beta period, so still no final release. I wanted to release Elevate 4.4.0 after the beta phase is finished, so there was a long time only a release candidate for Elevate 4.4.0. But now there were too many changes in the maps that it was time to release it. Especially the data in the maps for protected areas changed, so users complained that Elevate wouldn’t show those anymore.

But there is still no end in sight for the OruxMaps beta phase (and maybe other apps still use an older Mapsforge version). So I decided to update Elevate to and release it as a legacy version. The only change is compatibility for protected areas with maps from 03/2020 or newer.

[Edit: this has been solved since OruxMaps 7.5.10 (only available via Playstore)]


You can download it here (click)

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Here you find the announcement from Tobias in our Forum: