The naming of MAP’s and POI’s are changing


Dear OpenAndroMaps community.

The naming of the OAM maps changes as follows:

1.) From:

  • [name] (= the map file itself)
  • [name]_ML.poi (= the POI file for Oruxmaps)

Please delete these files !

2.) To:

  • [name] (= the map file itself, appears in the Locus MapManager as [Name Oam])
  • [name]_oam.osm.db (= the POI file for Locus)
  • [name]_oam.osm.poi (= the POI file for Oruxmaps)

As you can see, the long awaited POI files for Locus are now added.
This feature is currently in BETA Test.
If you want to partizipate in the BETA-Test please sign up for the forum (please, use a_real_ EMail Address):
(mixed German/English)

Please install the maps as before, the POI files will be copied automatically to your mobile device.

If you want to try out the new POIs for Locus you should have a look here,
LOCUS Manual

A clear word: The quality of the original locus poi database is not reached, e.g. the offline location search is missing. If you need this feature you have to purchase the corresponding map in the LocusShop (its cheap) and use the included POI database with the OAM maps (as many users did this in the past)

A video tutorial will follow as soon as the bugs are eliminated.

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  1. Matthias
    Matthias says:

    For the those OruxMaps users, using the POI files already much longer:
    You may have defined within Orux a “Default POI offline database” (settings->Maps->Mapsforge settings), pointing e.g. to the POI file of your preferred map. A setting that might get forgotten…
    Adjust it according to the new naming convention of OAMs Map&POI.

  2. mbe57
    mbe57 says:

    Great news: the latest LM4 test apk (#943) fixes the issue of “… no points …” if you have more than about 60 POI DBs installed in total (installed, not visited, was the issue). Tested on my S10 – hope that persists on others …

    Tolle Neuigkeit: the neueste LM4-Test-APK (#943) hat das “… keine Punkte …” gelöst für den fall von mehr als etwa 60 installierten POI DBs (installiert war das Problem, nicht besucht). Auf meinem S10 getestet – ich hoffe das gilt auch für andere …


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