No longer need for “”


The has been disabled and should not be necessary anymore since all links lead directly to the actual download server

This subdomain was a relic from the early days of OpenAndroMaps before the University in Göttingen took over the hosting of the maps. In those days the download sources changed regularly (Megaupload, GDrive, etc..) and to provide a constant URL the was set up – which itself never hosted any files but only forwarded to the actual hosters.
With GWDG as our longtime, free!!! map hoster, the subdomain has not been needed for quite some time.
If GWDG should ever withdraw their support for the OSM project, there is no alternative anyway, since the monthly traffic volume for OAM alone is in the terrabyte range.

So, no more

Please just use the links from the website and update your bookmarks

If any links on the OAM website are dangling in the air and still point to – please post a message.


LG, Christian


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