Two weeks ago I moved this website from a shared account to a VirtualPrivateServer wit 8GB Ram and 2Vcores.
In addition I moved the critical parts like js, css and pictures to ContentDeliveryNetwork.
This eliminates the need of questionable and sometimes inkompatible tricks like Browser caching, minifying aso..

Advantage: Usualy the pages are now delivered in less than 2sec to all kinds of browsers
Downside: Costs 378.–€/Year

Anyway, I don’t like to stop half the way – so enjoy it.

Best regards, Christian


For Locus and Oruxmaps there are general maps in zoom-levels 4-9 covering the whole world for download.
These maps are perfect for overview and switching to the detailed Vectormaps for navigation.

The format of the maps is sqlite (bitmaps) for faster handling in these zoom-levels.

  • Oruxmaps: Please decompress the zipfile and copy the whole World_OSM folder to the map-folder on the smartphone.[download]
  • Locus: Decompress the file and copy WorldOSM_Locus.sqlitedb in the \maps – folder on the smartphone (\maps , NOT \MapsVector!)[download]

While the first loading of the maps (or starting the app after copying the maps on the phone) these maps have to initialised – this may take a while, but only once.

Best regards, Christian


Russia and Canada maps are updated as announced last weekend.

Website issues:
I’m working hard to find a faster webserver for the openandromaps. However, comfortable solutions are starting at about 100$, cheap one occupy far to much of my time resources to maintain, resources that I want to invest in improving the maps and not in constant maintaince.
The current cache-solution I used so far (W3TC) worked lightning-fast or completely failed depending on Browser, Browser version and appearently on weather conditions – so I disabled and deleted it.
The loading time now increased (of course), BUT the pages ARE loading no matter what browser you use. In worst case it takes 7-8 seconds for a page to load. Google will punish me in ranking. However, it’s YOU this site is made for and not Google ;-)

So again, I will find a solution (maybe with YOU as sponsor ;-) ) for hosting.

Best regards

Already uploaded:

  • Germany
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Ozeanina

From Sunday on:

  • SouthAmerica
  • USA

Partial Updates: (full update next weekend):

  • Canada
  • Russia

New and improved features for this update:

  • rendering of buildings improved and completed
  • alle tourist-informations like offices, boards aso are now rendered form zoom level 16 on in urban areas
  • redering of campsites further improved
  • further workaround for the Mapsforge common-value-bug eg. rendering of tunnels where oneway=no ist tagged
  • more filtering of layer tags

From Saturday morning to Sunday 03:00pm im out paddling, any support request will be resolved on Sunday evening.

Have a nice weekend, Christian


The Campsites now appear on zoom-level 13, no matter if they are tagged as poi or attribute bound to a way.
Germany and Europe are updated (as usual), added map of the Bermudas.
New in the tagset: “mountain_pass=yes”, however actually not rendered in the Themes.

Best regards, Christian

Michael from Heidelberg contributed a MTB-Theme based on the andromaps_mtb where he invested lots of afford to bring in his real-world experience with MTB-cycling/Openandromaps.

The most significant change is that he avoids yellow rendering of paths with no MTB:Scale tagged. In addition he invested lots of afford to adjust the rendering to the different zoom-levels.
For me this Theme is a major improvement so I decided to serve it as standard for MTB (andromaps_mtb.xml).

The new legend and theme is already online: [klick]

Best regards, Christian

An improved tag-mapping of the openandromaps ensures that all campsites and caravansites tagged in the OpenStreetMap Database are rendered with the openandromaps.

– For Locus please download the latest themes
– The new themes for Oruxmaps are included in zip-files of the maps as usual.

This applies for all maps from 20.5.2013 on (dd.mm.yyyy)

Best regards, Christian

The switch to the new download-server is done, please flush your browsercache and reconfigure your grabbing scripts.
I would kindly ask you to check the configuration of your favorite grabbing tool to ensure that they dont run in a loop and download the same map again and again ;-)
The maps on GoogleDrive will stay online, but I wont update them any more – the Maps on mega.co.nz will be deleted next week.

Best regards, Christian

Openandromaps are currently being switched step by step to a non-commercial, professional Download-Server.

The maps will be served from the same server that hosts the “Geofabrik” – thanks to everyone who supported this move.
This step was a crucial point for the whole project couse it was clear to see that GoogleDrive would stop this sooner or later, there were already problems this March.
Currently more than 200 Maps are served from openandromaps, this means 70GB of disc-space and lots of Terrabytes of traffic every month – a volume that is not possible to serve with a commercial server with no budget.

The move starts with Germany and Europe and should be finished next weekend. If there are any problems please drop me a line.

Best regards, christian

BTW: Currently the maps are synced by ftp with the server – a clear nonsense currently accepted by the server-admin.
However, next weeks should see a Synology-NAS-System for syncing by rsync – this will cost another 350Euros, I hope you will support this project by some bucks (a few are better than none) ;-)

The Mapset for Russia has reached full coverage both in Russian and English language.
Moscow ist included in “Central”, St.Petersburg in “North-West-1”
Greatings to our friends in Russia, Christian