Elevate 4.5 adds improved mapstyle options and symbols


Elevate 4.5With the new Elevate 4.5, there are lots of changes to the displayed POI symbols and captions. There are now more colors which depend on categories that are identical to the POI options. The categories have been resorted and all symbols have a more unified look. Also the mapstyle options now have category letters (R=Route, W=Ways, P=POIs, A=Areas). That all those changed symbols can be displayed at all I’ve renamed the symbol folder from ele_res to ele-res – the old one can be safely deleted.

You can download it here: https://www.openandromaps.org/kartenlegende/elevation-hike-theme

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  1. 413Michele
    413Michele says:

    I’d like to improve the Italian translation of the options of Elevate, which has some problems today, and maybe even translate the whole map key. Could I help you with that?

    • Tobias
      Tobias says:

      Hi Michele, corrections for the Italian translations are more than welcome! I can contact you via the email adress given above. Translating the map key is a different story, as it’s based on the website and this is only bilingual. Best regards, Tobias


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